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  1. i removed the engine fan... the UK car must be different to the US one as ours only has a single electric fan that comes turns on when the engine temp gets halfway up the gauge?!
  2. I just notices i have one valve that is tick tick tick when running... just one valve.... seems to be coming from the right hand bank as you look into the engine. Can you adjust the tappets or are they on shims?
  3. UCF3 Its the engine fan that is missing a blade... and the fan clutch had also broken... I can wiggle it in all sorts of directions LOL If u sell the clutch give me a shout may be interested!!!
  4. well guys it took the fan of today and wow what a difference it made... the car is... silent.. and power??? I really feels like I got a new engine in there. When i got to the viscous clutch it was a wobbly as my gran after 10 jack d's :) so off it came. I am goin to use electric fan... the UK car has only one fan on the front of the rad!? Running round the temp gauge is just below halfway and never budges... on uk forum it seems a few have removed fan n using just the 1 outer fan?! PS love the forum!
  5. I was wondering why one blade was missing... but never found out. Your right it does make a vibration through the car thats one of the main reasons for taking it of.. priced replacement in UK and it works out at around $500 just for the fan and viscous clutch!!! so may convert to and electric fan if its not to big a job!
  6. Hi I just got a 92 LS400 with 87k on the clock, my rad fan has one fin missing and is very stiff. When i rev the engine up it roars very loudly, so im guessing the hydraulic/viscous fan is not releasing. I live in the uk, do you think i can remove the fan and rely on the single electric fan or invest in either a new viscous fan or and electric one... bear in mind uk temp is on average 20c :) any help much appreciated Martin UK LS400 driver
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