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  1. 6yr/100K should run about $1400 for $0 ded platinum. PM me and I can help.
  2., 888-759-8823, has located a dealer that is offering the 7yr/75 Platinum $0 ded for $1,920 and the 8yr/75 for $2,181. It is no problem if you buy from an out of state dealer, just make sure you are looking at an actual Lexus Extra Care plan. WeBargain4U has been working with Lexus (and VW, Audi, Toyota, etc.) dealers on pricing for a number of years...
  3. Depending on the miles, the Platinum Lexus Extra Care is what most people buy. Make sure the warranty being offered from your dealer is a "Lexus Extra Care warranty" through Toyota financial. This will allow you to go to any Lexus dealer nationwide., (888) 759-8823 offers the 6/100 Platinum Lexus Extra Care ($0 deductible) for $1600 out the door through one of their dealers (just make sure your vehicle is within the 4yr/50K mile original warranty.) Good Luck! :)
  4. I would get a Lexus Extra Care Platinum warranty from - (888) 759-8823. 7 years from original in service date is as far out as Lexus goes. You will also need to make sure and get your warranty before the 4yr/50,000 mile original Lexus warranty runs out: 7yr/75K Platinum, $0 deductible = $1863 out the door Here is the information from the Lexus Website:
  5. The Lexus Extra Care factory backed plan is always a great option. - (888) 759-8823, can get the 7/100 Lexus Extra Care Platinum, $0 deductible for $2415 and the 7/75 Platinum for $1863... Here is the link to the coverages on the Lexus site: Good Luck!
  6. The price seems too high. MSRP on the Lexus website is $1,750 with $0 deductible., (888) 759-8823, has the Lexus Platinum 6yr/100,000 mile $0 deductible plan for $1,397.80 out-the-door. Make sure and mention you saw them on the forum :)
  7. You might also check They work with several Lexus dealers and have excellent prices. 6/100 platinum with zero deductible on an RX330 ran $1525.40. They also have connections for VW, Audi, Acura, and Toyota factory warranties :D
  8. (888) 759-8823 has the Lexus 7yr/100K Platinum for about $2,000. The 7yr/75K around $1,600. They can write your warranty thorough their Lexus dealer network... Very nice people!
  9. Hi Paul, You might get a free quote on your extended warranty from (888) 759-8823. They have the Lexus Extra Care 7yr/75,000 plan zero deductable, for $1399 and the 7yr/100,000 mile platinum plan zero deductable for $1753 out the door for a new ES350. Many of the dealer finance people make their living on these warranties and are not likely to budge much. You can also try them for a better price on your new car. They were very helpful and friendly...
  10. I was told by that many dealers set their own prices on these warranties, and the "suggested" MSRP is just that, "suggested." They quoted me $2050 out the door for the 7yr/100,000 on a friends GS from their lexus dealer network.
  11. I don't know which is better but I'm looking at options right now for my 2007 ES350. I'd like to know the lowest price anyone has paid for the Lexus Extended Warranty Platinum plan with either $50 or no deductible, 7 yr/75,000 mile. I did learn that the MSRP on the $50 dedutible plan was more than $1,700. It would also be great to know the name of the dealer offering a price around $1300, give or take a hundred dollars. Apparently it's OK to buy the plan from any Lexus dealer (not just from the place you purchased the car). (888) 759-8823 has the Lexus Extra Care 7yr/75,000 plan zero deductable, for $1399 and the 7yr/100,000 mile platinum plan zero deductable for $1753 out the door for a new ES350. This is a company that negotiates better pricing at dealers throughout the country for all lexus models with remaining factory warranty. They also offer free quotes!
  12. You might look at They have excellent prices, and might be able to save you some money (I would bet at least 30%). They only offer warranties backed by Lexus. They also offer free quotes... As far as the maintaince goes, oil changes are only about $40 (give or take), so the additional might not be worth it IMO. That amounts to about 17 oil changes over the 50,000 miles @ 3,000 miles per oil change or approx. $680.