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  1. it will fit a stock suspension sc as i had offsets of 27 on front and rear (just to try them) but they rubbed nasty when i lowered the car. The preferred offsets are 35-45mm. Might have to go w/ a stretched tire also (little smaller sized) like 235 & 255 tires.
  2. they will break up the front and rears but the colors dont match exactly. Also leather is much softer and not as glossy.
  3. Selling a set of stock 16" ten spokes w/ 225/55/16 Blizzaks w/ least (75-80%) thread. Looking for 300obo shipped. These are off my sc400.
  4. its yours..perfect working condition and all lights work. Everything else is sold.
  5. only as a precautionary measure. On a dry setup the fuel is added by way of fuel pressure. As you go up in hp shot so does the fuel jet (which in turn raises the fuel pressure). On small 50-70 shots the fuel pressure is upped to 70-75 psi. On bigger shots like 100 you can see pressures in the 85-90psi range which WILL strain a older pump. I bought a High pressure walbro so i am assured the pump wont flake on me.
  6. I both and it will save you on labor. But if you must go w/ just springs the prokits will work w/ the stock shocks (as long as they are still good) as there spring rates are not too stiff. I dont know of a 1.5" spring (who makes that)? But i would presume that rate would be stiffer and eventually strain your shocks to the point that they will need replacenment a few months after spring install.
  7. im running a dry shot w/ 100 octane and 80 w/ 93 with NO problems at all. Key more than octane is colder plugs and a good fuel system (i running a walbro 255 high pressure).
  8. I have the same shifter along w/ a wood/leather momo wheel and it looks great. I wish i can find that ebrake..(momo is out of there wood version)..let me know if you can get the one in that picture. I modified mine slightly and it sits lower then the one on the soarer above and it will no loosen up as i used the stock screw to hold it down.
  9. Hmmthose might have been mine cause i sold the car w/ the 17's and one was damaged badley. Well good luck!
  10. Why dont you do a compression and leakdown test and see if your motor is in good health. A properly maintained 400 should last double the mileage.
  11. I had BBS BUgattis in chrome on my M3 way back when and used them as my spares in the winter and bent one really bad. I have been looking for a year and nothing. Try ebay as that is your best bet but trust me nobody has them anymore.
  12. Exact same setup and it took a month to get the tone to break in. I would say 10-15rwhp at most from the exhaust.
  13. Im running 2 10" Kicker L7's powered by and Xtant amp and it sounds great. I also removed the 10" subwoofer to let the sound in. The trunk does rattle even after using spray on sound deadening. Also vibrates the heck out of the rear panel covering the rear deck. But what do you expect w/ 1000w!
  14. I agree both engines are very similar in the reliablity department w/ the 400 maybe slightly better. The real discussion is do you want a 5 spd or an automatic (big difference).
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