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  1. I have a 97 sc400 with 120k miles (Classic Green). The car is in good shape (slight tear in the driver seat and minor crease on passenger door) and motor runs STRONG!! However, I have an amazing opportunity to purchase a 99 sc300 with 70k miles (Millenium Silver) in excellent shape for a very good price...one owner and no accidents. Would love to have both but not able at this time. Should I replace the 97 sc400 with the 99 sc300...two years newer, 50k less miles but less horsepower...What are your thoughts???
  2. gk300

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    My Classic Green 1997 SC400
  3. I've been hearing a grinding noise when in reverse while backing down a hill and out of my driveway. Thought it might be the brakes but just found out its the transmission starting to go bad. I can't decide whether to sell or spend the money to fix. She's a 97 SC400 with "only" 115k miles and in good shape. Should I sell and make money or spend money to fix and continue to enjoy the car??? Any suggestions??? I have gotten quotes from dealer and independent transmission shop in MD....both expensive. Anyone know a good mechanic in MD?? Any suggestions/recommendations???
  4. Does anyone have a list of Lexus recalls for the SC300/400? I ask because I saw in one thread that WANMAN said he found that Lexus had a recall on the 12 disc CD player due to skipping and play malfunctions. I have a 97 SC400 (Classic Green) that I purchased a year ago. Also, can anyone recommend a good mechanic and a good upholstry shop in the Washington DC metro area (including Annapolis)?
  5. Dealer told me I needed left rear upper control arm bushings. Also, seat belt light stays on.
  6. I am looking for a good independent mechanic for my 97 SC400 in the Washington DC suburbs (preferably Prince Georges County, MD or Annapolis, MD)...Let me know who you use in the area... Thanks
  7. I have the opportunity to purchase a 99SC 300 for around $7k. Anything I should be aware of other than leaks? It has 122k miles.