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  1. Thank you Gordon - too bad, but at least now I won't spend any more time on it. So without the rear entertainment option (which I dont have), its essentially just a CD player (incl MP3 files), correct ? (I mean I know its actually a DVD player, but not for the front screen. Maybe it will play a movie there even, if I have it in Park, with Brake on, etc - but for me thats not a feature I'd use. )
  2. I just got a new 2008 RX400H, with nav system and Mark Levinson. I do not have the rear system entertainment package. I see this same issue - it plays a CD with MP3's just fine. If I burn a DVD created same way as I created the CD, it says "No Music." I am assuming that the system simply does not support MP3 DVD's, yet some responses here seem to indicate that it actually does. Did anyone having this problem get any resolution, or a definitive answer that DVD mp3's simply do not work ? Thank you.
  3. My LS430 is coming up to 20K miles. The Maint Reqd Soon message light has come on. The owners manual just shows this maintenance as an oil change, tire rotation, and maybe air conditioning filter. Its more convenient for me to have my local, trusted mechanic do this sort of thing than to take it into the dealer. But if I do that, how can I turn OFF that message light ? I went thru the video screen, and found a Maintenance section, and it has a way to reset the counters. But doing that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the indicator light - they seem to be separate systems entirely. I've search the owners manual and do not find this. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the replies and helpful diagram. I did find the kit online at the site mentioned for $369. The diagram though makes it look like its a little involved - not sure if I trust a local stereo shop to do this without messing up my car. Unless someone knows an independent in Seattle area experienced with this. Dealer wants about $1000 total for parts & labor. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Would you be able to tell me exactly what "kit" I would need ? (A pointer to it at an online store would be great.) Thank you.
  6. At the time I bought my 2004 LS430 with Mark Levinson stereo (part of ultra luxury package), I didn’t have much interest in XM and didn’t add it because it was explained to me that the XM receiver is sort of awkwardly placed in the trunk. However, now XM has added all major league baseball games,. I now live on west coast, but am a huge Chicago Cubs fan (a disease that is incurable, but not fatal. You just wish it were fatal.) So now I must have XM. Can I add it now such that it would be just as well integrated as if I had done it when I bought the car originally ? i.e. is this option always just done at the dealer in any case, or is it a factory installed thing ? Since it is all prewired already (the stereo has a button for AM/SAT) would it be equally good or even better to go to a good car stereo shop and have them add an XM tuner ? Any advice ? Thanks.
  7. Has anyone been successful getting the new Moto V600 Bluetooth phone to connect and work with the 2004 LS430 ? I've tried and though I once did get it to bond, I can never connect or successfully make a call.
  8. I just picked up my new 2004 LS430. Very Nice. As I was completing the deal, the dealer of course tried to sell me detailing options - an exterior paint sealer, carpet protector, and leather conditioner. I declined all , as it seemed to me like a come on - he wanted about $250 for each of these - would have been $750. Now the car obviously is expensive and I want to take good care of it - but I don't want to be fleeced. Are the dealer type products really any better than what I could do myself (e.g. buy leather conditioner for probably $15 and apply it in 20 - 30 minutes.) ? Any specific recommendations for exterior/interior products for this car (color is "Flint Mica" - basically a dark gray, with black leather interior.) ? Separate from the detailing options above, they also wanted to sell me a product called Scothal, which is basically a transparent film they apply/adhere to the front end of the car to resist rock chips. I was tempted to say Yes to this one, but I figured I can always go back and get it after looking into it a bit. They want a lot for this - $695. Besides the cost, I was concerned if this product itself might have problems, like peeling or discoloring. Any thoughts on the detailing/scotchal products, doing it myself vs a detailer (except for the scothal, which I would not consider doing myself.), specific product recommendations, etc. Thanks a lot.
  9. Thanks for the reply. Did the phones "just work" when brought into the Lexus (via Bluetooth auto-discovery), or is some setup in the car required. If setup in the car, is it something I can do myself, or does the Lexus dealer or cellphone dealer need to be involved ? I'm hoping everything "just works" via the magic of Bluetooth.
  10. '04 LS430's are bluetooth enabled. Any comments on actual phones that work well (or not) with the LS430 based on your actual experience ? I know that in theory "any" bluetooth phone will work. I also know that in reality such claims usually fall a bit short from reality, so am hoping for some comments from actual users. I currently have Verizon, but they don't have support for even one Bluetooth enabled phone, which I found very surprising. But I'm long past a service committment, so can switch to someone else (nice that now you can do so and keep your number). As far as I can tell, only ATT Wireless and Cingular currently support bluetooth in my area. I was considering AT&T with the Sony Ericsson T616 phone. Any comments on any of this ? Thanks.
  11. I'm going to be purchasing a new LS430. Any thoughts on whether its wise to upgrade to the 18" tires rather than the standard 17" ? For me, quietness and smoothness of ride is most important aspect, not handling. The upgrade cost is not much of a factor. I'm not a car expert by any means. Thanks very much.
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