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  1. seems to me they just replaced the TCM. In most cases this should fix the issue but if not, there is something else going on. If there is no statement in wrting in relation to a transaxle replacement then they did not replace the transaxle. If anything, bring this issue up with lexus Corporate and have them help you with this. Also try going to another Lexus dealer.
  2. I put same wattage bulb as stock, just different color. I am not looking for a free ride but this just shows how some dealers do very poor inspections & estimates & how other perform inspections & estimates the correct way. I know there was damage and it doesnt take someone to know cars to see if something is not right. It just bothers me how I was told by 2 dealers the bulb and harness was perfectly fine with no issues found when you can clearly see a problem upon a close inpection.
  3. Took my car to service last week for some issues as well as why my driver side fog lamp was not working. I already knew what the problem was and wanted to see what the dealer would say. Well after a week later and no follow-up call( I had to call the dealership me self on the status of my car), they will not cover the damage done. The fog lamp was no longer working and the harness got burned up. I put Aftermarket yellow bulbs 4000k which could of been the issue. Well, the dealer, Lexus Of Queens wants $180 Parts & labor to replace the bulb and harness. $42 for one fog lamp bulb and $18 for the harness itself. The rest of the charge is labor WHOA.. Well I can happily do the repair myself. But what really bugs me is that I had my car in at 2 other dealers about this issue and they both told me they could not find any issues and they claim they even checked the harness which was fine! Just to show out there that some techs dont really check the issue and make up a good story or just simply do not want to do certian types of work on a car. I think that $180 is a little high to cut 2 wires, solder wires and replace one bulb.
  4. In My opinion, if you take your car to dealer service when scheduled, you will be paying a premium just because you have "factory trained" techs or ASE techs working on your car so dont be surprised to pay close to $1200 for a major 30k service or something of that sort. The MINI, like BMW, I believe has free maintenence for 4 years or 50k miles.
  5. I have had my 08 IS for over a year already and have not received any notices in the mail for any of the above recalls? Should I go to my dealer and ask them about it
  6. I tired holding down both lock & unlock buttons on my key fob near the car and it did not work. The car did chip though and on the info display, a car display with all 4 doors are open then the display goes away. What could I be doing wrong?
  7. that is a real hefty price for a 30k service. Brake fluid must be changed every 2 years or earlier depending on some manufactures. As stated above brake fluid is hydroscopic meaning the fluid actually absorbs moisture over time and moisture is defenitely not a good thing in a braking system.
  8. When I bought my new IS a few months ago down here in FL, the car came with Front Licence plate bracket but the dealer did not install becuase here in FL , you can only have one plate in the rear of the vehicle. So now I just have a new plate bracket in my trunk. But when I used to live in NY, a front licence plate was required by law and a plate brake was installed automatically on every new vehicle purchase or holes were drilled in the appropriate places on the bumper
  9. I did not purchase the wheel/tire road hazard my selling dealer was offering me. Too expensive! I work for goodyear and can get RHW at $20 a tire and I do not drive on badly paved roads here in FL so I will not have to worry about bening a rim or what not.
  10. I wash my wheels and clean my car every week =). I like the braking performance with the pads that make your wheels dirtier.
  11. I bought my Lexus from Lexus Of Orlando. Great sales, no dealer fees and they gave me a good deal on the Lexus and my trade as well. I would watch out for their service Dept though. I took my car in for the 1000 Complimentary LPS service and all they did was wash and detail my car. They did not perform what I wanted them to do on the LPS checklist they gave me and me being a dummy, I did not test the LPS settings on my car when I got it back from the an hour later. So I had to drive an hour back from Kissimmee just for them to do what was supposed to be done the first time. They did not even offer me gas coming going back there and did not even apologize to me. This makes me wary on the future service that I may perform with them. I will want an oil change and only to find in the fuutre they did not do one when they were supposed to...
  12. The Top of the line Goodyear Assurance Tripletred and Comfort Tread are the way to go. 80k limited tread life warranty and superior ratings in terms of tractin, handling, quiet ride. I can vouch for these tires since I do work For Goodyear and have a set of these on 3 of my cars, One BMW, 2 Toyotas
  13. I had just bought my new Lexus and used Google to look for some nice Lexus Forums
  14. the only way to find out what is wrong is to hook up a scanner to the car and see what codes are getting stored in the computer of the vehicle. Once you find out what sensor or component is wrong then you can start to pinpoint the problem rather than guessing what is wrong without hooking a scanner to the vehicle.
  15. when you say truly turn off, do you mean permenanetly or can you put everything back to OEM spec setting?
  16. I can give a Thumbs Up to Lexus Of Orlando in Winter Park, FL and they do not charge a dealer fee ever
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