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  1. I periodically had this problem for about 2 years on my 91 LS400. Started when it got hot--rush hour traffic on the freeway with a/c running for extended periods. It was fine after it cooled down. Then reappeared a few months later. Tried a number of things--finally, certified Lexus Mechanic replaced the fuel pump--no problems since then.
  2. Had a similar problem with a '91 LS400. Not really sputtering, but there would suddenly be no power when accelerator depressed--although engine would stay on for a while. Car would start fine and accelerate to almost any speed, but as soon as the accelerator was backed off, there was no more power going to the wheels and the engine would not even rev up. Was intermittent, but often occurred when hot after extensive stop and go driving. Then, would occur after only a little regular driving. Sometimes problem would clear up for a while after car sat and cooled. Replaced the fuel pump and and had no further problems.
  3. I love my '91 LS400--what do I need to do to become an enthusiast?
  4. Still running fine today. I could find nothing--certified lexus mechanic could find on error code 24, but that should not affect the speed limit. Power steering pump not leaking on alternator, but Rack and pinion is leaking--looks like that replacement happens tomorrow. Will keep all posted on symptoms and cause. Thanks Been a couple of weeks now with no recurrence. Rack and Pinion replaced (power steering pump was saved!!) and new head gasket seals. A vacuum hose was disconnected and reconnected. Plus realignment and oil and filter change. All for the good, but it seems nothing would have directly caused the symptom. Fortunately, nothing now leaking or smoking under the hood. May have somehow related to overheating in the extensive stop and go driving. I appreciate all of the ideas which were brought forth. May have to come back to the well on this problem again. Have heard that there are at least a few who have had similar symptoms. Any thing new develops, I will post.
  5. Still running fine today. I could find nothing--certified lexus mechanic could find on error code 24, but that should not affect the speed limit. Power steering pump not leaking on alternator, but Rack and pinion is leaking--looks like that replacement happens tomorrow. Will keep all posted on symptoms and cause. Thanks
  6. Am having it looked at. Appreciate the ideas. I am fascinated by the Mass Air Flow sensor and will look more into that--a good cleaning would not hurt the sensor Will post the solution. Probably Monday or Tuesday time frame. Thanks
  7. Symptoms have stopped today. Have it into my certified Lexus mechanic (JPImportz) to take a look. Would hate to be to far from home and get stuck. May know more Monday. Thanks for the inquiry. Will keep posted on this.
  8. Hey gang, I have a 91 LS400 with 139K. All maintenance has been done and has run very well. Replaced transmission fluid etc at 135k. Was driving in rush hour traffic, stop and go for about 45 minutes yesterday going home by a different route than usual. At a break in the traffic, I tried to accelerate, but it did not immediately respond, then only went up to about 20 mph. I gave it more gas, but the engine did not rev higher and speed remained the same. I tried letting off the gas and then gradually pressing the pedal again, but same response and topped out about 20 mph. Engine temperature gauge showed normal. I stopped the car and there was some smoke, toward the rear of the engine compartment. On inspection, there is some leakage from the transmission pan evident, but the transmission fluid is not low and is not bad. Some power steering leakage also discovered. After sitting off for two hours, symptoms were not evident last night nor again this morning. Really scratching my head on this. Will fix the transmission pan seal and the power steering leak, but am not thinking that was the problem with the speed, particularly when the engine would not rev higher with more gas. Could this be the throttle position sensor or mass air flow sensor or something else. Any suggestions appreciated.
  9. I have seen Sound FX Audio recommended in this forum. I ordered something off the web page, sent money, but no response. The email does not work, the fax is not a working number and, at least my money was returned. I was looking for a Double DIN head unit install kit for a 1991 LS400. Found one on Ebay for less, so maybe that is fortunate, but I have been without a disk player for 6 weeks and that is cramping my Lexus style.
  10. My 91 LS400 with 126k miles does 20 to 22 mpg in my 29 mile commute which is mixed open highway and stop and go. I have got 24.5 mpg on highway with cruise doing about 70. Since this is not too far off my wife's Honda C-RV, I am pretty happy with my elegant Lexus. I would love to know the secrets of even higher mpg's. I drive very conservatively most of the time, babying my car along and enjoying the drive. About every third tank, I will floor it for at least one full tilt acceleration to keep the catalytic converter cleaned out (and maybe for a little fun!). I am using Shell V-Tech 93 Octane and really liking it On a resent trip to Portland and return (390 miles) our well worn, 211,000 miles, '95 LS400 got almost 27 MPG (14.55 gallons) with an average moving speed (Garmin) of ~66 MPH.
  11. Well, maybe it is just me, but I think there is just about nothing that looks better than shiney gold on shiney black. That color combo has made all the difference in owning my first black car as well as first LS400. I would be willing to look at black chrome, but I think I am a gold man all the way!
  12. I agree with the trade off. I am still in the honeymoon phase of not getting too wigged out in traffic jams, because I get to sit in my 91 LS400 longer. My commute is 1 hour in the morning, mostly through stop and go, just under half as highway. I average 20 mpg, sometimes getting 22. On a trip out of town 2 weekends ago, I got 26 mpg--so I am getting almost exactly what my wife is getting in her 2005 Honda C-RV.
  13. From the album: Black Beautry

    The beige leather feels just as good as it looks!
  14. From the album: Black Beautry

    Note the Nakimichi sound system.
  15. From the album: Black Beautry

    In 1991, this was the leading edge of the relentless pursuit of perfection. Still an awfully nice look
  16. I am pleased that you were not seriously hurt and very happy that you shared this story with the forum. This will give me a certain assurance since a number of publications I look at did not have crash testing for 1991 LS's. Crashworthiness is an area which Mercedes has celebrated for a long time, and it is good to know that this was not neglected by TMC as they became one of the premier players in the luxury auto market.
  17. Love my 91 LS400, but there are issues from time to time. One seems to be that the tachometer seems to be slowly starting not to work. At 62 mph, the tach shows about 1050 rpm's--at first I thought, "what a great car!". While I still think the car is great, I wonder if maybe the tach is not showing quite all of the rpm's. Is this a common problem? Is there a reasonable fix? Thanks for your help.
  18. Even if you are using premium unleaded gasoline as recommended, then it will take a while to recoup. A little easier might be to get a Shell Mastercard which is offering 5% back on Shell gasoline purchases, and it is a Top Tier gasoline! This does not seem to be an introductory rate and there are a plethora of Shell stations, at least in the D/FW area.
  19. Do you see your wheel on this webpage? --> It sounds like your wheel is one of the BBS look-a-like wheels that was very popular in the early 1990s. Yes, these are BBS look-a-like, replicas, that dealers were selling to unsuspecting customers at BBS retail prices plus a substantial markup. Be careful, some of the early ones had to be turned on a lathe to allow room for the brake caliper. Here is what the wheels look like on my 91