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  1. no the key fob does not do anything, I have a new battery in that too. when I press the unlock button the red light DOES light up but does nothing to the car. thanks in advance Sohaib
  2. Hey, been busy, was out of country for a bit. Anywho, cleaned out the battery terminals with sand paper, etc new screws, washers and tightened the terminals etc. The alarm sounded and turned off itself after a while, I then put the key in the ignition, kept it on the "On" position, came back after 7-8 minutes, took the key out, and put it back in trying to start but still dead. Then I figured that maybe the doors and the hood have something to do with it. So I closed all the doors, shut the hood, and put the key in "on" came back 10-15 minutes later opened door alarm sounded, I took out the key put it back in and still nothing. Battery has 100% charge, terminal squeeky clean, and tight. What could I be missing? Wife tells me to just junk the car. Sohaib
  3. Hello, Background: Recently acquired a 98 GS300 from brother that had a dead battery. The car had been sitting for about 3-4 months, so the car was towed to my home, parked in the garage, and I replaced the battery. The Problem: As soon as the battery is connected, the alarm goes off and whether I open the door with the keyles, or the key itself, or even if I put the key in the ignition annd attempt to start, the alarm continues to go on for 3-4 minutes and the car does absolutely nothing. I mean it is dead, no start, no lights (although I can hear the relay click when I turn on the headlamps) What has been done so far: I changed the battery in the key fob, tried putting the key in the "on" position for 7-8 minutes and then took out the key and tried to start the car again, still no start, no inside lights, nothing........dead. I called up the Lexus service people at the local stealership, and they told me the same thing about putting the key in for 7 minutes and then trying, but none of that has helped so ar. I got the battery checked by the local autoshop and they said that there was 120% juice in it. Not new to "Lexi's" but new to the GS, and this problem is really stumping me. I would appreciate any and all help Thanks Sohaib
  4. I had my first benz when I waas overseas, an E230 W124, 1988 Euro to be specific, very reliable car and never had any problems, though it was a four cylinder 2.3L not much oomph. Even at that point I wanted a pre 91 S-class, I was (and am still) in love with the benzes. So a few years ago I bought the benz a white W126 1989 mercedes 420SEL, beautiful car V8 lots of power (OK not lots but enough) and it is a dream to drive, at about the same time I bought an ES300 1992. However, I have put about 14K miles on the benz since 1999, essentailly because I am afraid that the more I drive it the more it will break down, every trip to the shop has come to around $800 minimum and the problems still aren't over (but I refuse to sell it, its the car I wanted since I was a kid) on the other hand the ES300 has been driven from Alaska to texas, then from Texas to Boston, and then from Boston to Miami (to be shipped overseas), and now I am in the market for an LS 95 or younger. Personally I think the ergenomics on the Lexuses are much better, than the older benzes, but the german cars for some reason have that personality associated with them that I don;t find in other cars (that is if you are willing to deal with it), I am a med student so don;t have the time to deal with all the attention required by the Merc, and hence I am sticking to the LS. I think for daily trouble free driving Lexuses are the best! Cheers Sohaib
  5. That is exactly why I am going to there. I checked with the used car dealers to see how much they would pay me for the car and I got prices between $3000-$3500. and all of them agreed that the car was in excellent condition. I figured that since I have spent all this money on the timing belt, water pump, etc. I know the car would last, plus insteasd of spending $3000-$5000 in the caribbean for a *BLEEP*ty car with 0.6-0.8 liter engine and 3 cylinders, why not spend $1000 from Miami to caribbean, and then sell it after two years. I should be hopefully able to get around $5000 for the Lexus there (minimum) which is more money than I would get here. I hope that made sense. So to answer the question, it costs around $1000 to ship the car down there. I used tropical shipping ( and if you are considering medical school down there, make sure to choose the one with which you can practice in all 50 states. Graduates from some of the schools down there are not allowed to practice in California and Texas, so make sure about that. Also check out Hope this helps
  6. Well, there was no check engine light or anything, but the car was towed to the local toyota dealer who after diagnosis told me that the car had a cracked distributor cap, and he was still scratching his head as to how I was able to drive it all the way from Boston to Miami like that. Dealer also noted that the fuel system needed cleaning and that there was carbon buildup on piston (?), after all work (plugs, plug wires, distributor carp, rotor, fuel system cleaning, and oil change at the tune of $524) the car runs as smooth as a Lexus is supposed to run. I could have done this work myself but I neither had the tools nor the will to work outside in the hotel parking lot at 80 degrees. but I dropped the car off at the shipping yard and should be seeing my lexy shortly in the caribbean island! From what I have been told there IS a lexus dealership down there although the entire island has just two lexuses and they too are the SC430's Thanks Sohaib
  7. I posted a while back that my car was frozen and would not start. Well, that was in Boston, and now I am in Miami (arrived last night). The car weas driving fine, then at night I went to get dinner but the car started missing, I figured I shall check out some of the mechanics in the nearby neighborhood, so that I could take the car there the next morning. Well, on my way back thje car started missing a lot, and hesitated, then it died on the intersection. I was able to start the car and park it in the gas station about 50 ft (if not less), and then the car died, and refused to start. It cranks over fine, but it just does not start. The car was due to be exported today and I have a flight leaving on Aprl 1. What do you guys think. Bad gas? Distributor Cap, Plugs, Wires? Fuel filter? miles, with timing belt, water pump, cam seals, all belts, new front 3 plugs, and new front 3 plug wires. Thanks
  8. I actually was planning on trading in my ES for an LS but after having put in the time and effort of replacing rims, springs (drop 1.8"), timing belt, water pump, struts, cam seals, all belts and full tune up, full transmission service etc. $3200 for my 92 just did not seem fair and I have 118K on it. So I gave up on the idea and am gonna use it for another year before I attempt a trade in. Unless someone on this forum wants to buy it B) Sohaib
  9. NE1 have instructions on how to install a grounding kit like this one Thanks Sohaib
  10. I have always used premium in my cars. Now heres the deal, if you are looking for something that is good for your car then use premium, the mileage is not going to be that good becuase higher octane rating means more branched hydrocarbons thus lowering the boiling point of the gasoline - bottom line - premium burns quicker. The 87 octane gasoline has fewer branched hydrocarbons thus it burns at a higher temps and hence less of it will be used. I lent my car to a friend and specifically instructed him to use premium only, he ended up used regular and when I asked him what gas he had used since the mileage was really good, he smiled and said regular (wanted to kick his A*s). The mid grade is just a mixture of 87 and 92 60%:40% Sohaib
  11. I agree with the previous posts, I have a regular $39.99 walmart radar detector, it works fine for me, just speed in the right most lane and don't cut in fornt of people, swerve in and out of traffic and you should be OK. I travel to Maine from Boston almost twice a week and drive 90-95mph all the way, no problems yet. Accept this one time I cut in front of an old beat up Chevy Lumina with limo tints turns out it was the cop and he gave me a $350 ticket. That car should have been out of the fleet 4 years ago! Sohaib
  12. Usually they can put the VIN number in a machine and the machine makes the key. At least thats the way my dealer in Texas did, all I had to do was provide them with proof of ownership prior to them making me a key (I had lost mine), I wonder how they expected me to do that with the car locked and me having no keys, I showed them my name on previous service records that they had with my name but they would not agree! Sohaib
  13. I used to get about 18mog, now I get like 23mpg with mobile gasoline and after a full tune up, timing belt change, water pump, cam seals, plugs etc etc/ :D Sohaib
  14. I just gotta get my speed sensor, heated seat switch, and hood struts issue fixed first. The timing belt, water pump, belts, cam seals, and other ignition compnents have really drained my money B) Sohaib
  15. I dont think much luck on finding a replacementclear one, and w/o the yelloe there is way too much glare. I have often thought about putting same style aftermarket fogs on there, I think there are quite a few out there with the same diameter although the housing would need to be modified slightly. Sohaib
  16. Check toyota dealership for prices on same thing, and tell them the car is the same year V6 camry. Repair manuals can be found on ebay search keywords "Lexus repair". Sohaib
  17. Look on ebay for keyword "Lexus Key", I got locked out once and the dealer in TX gave me the option of either getting a generic one for $65 or an original one for $150, I would suggest looking at ebay first. Sohaib
  18. Check out this ebay auction for a service for replacing the needles only for $99, sounds like a good deal, I have been seeing this seller offering this servic on ebay for quite some time and it seems like a good deal. wonder if we can get a group deal on this! Sohaib
  19. Well,the blue smoke that everyone mentions, I USED to have that in my 92 ES300 about 2-3 years ago when I first bought it, not any more for the past 1.5-2 years, is that possible that the sludge may have gone after I had owned it, I change the oil with conventional oil at toyota/lexus dea;erships religously every 2-3 months even if the car has had only 2K miles in that period. I acquired the car at 92K miles and now it has 118K miles. Most of the miles I have accumulated on the car have been due tp driving it from Alaska to Texas and then from texas to Boston. I am kindda worried about this gelling problem. Oh and the car does not consume any oil at all. Thanks Sohaib
  20. No other gauges are malfunctioning. The toyota dealer said that it was the cluster itself that was bad and wouldn't even listen to me if I said the word "speed sensor". Is it too hard to replace? How much should I be charged for a job like this? Thanks Sohaib
  21. Hi guys, I have been having this problem with ES300 (1992), the speedometer needle jumps around (actual speed +/- 5mph) when I am at speeds less than 80mph after that it becomes stables. Some people say it is the instrument cluster itself, others say it is the cable and still others say it is the speed sensor. HOwever, I would like to know exactly what it is, any ideas? Thanks Sohaib 92 ES300 Lowered 1.8", 17" IS300 rims
  22. Can you tell me where the PCV valve is located in 92-96 ES's. Thanks Sohaib
  23. A used one would set you back about $40, go to the dealer and they will charge you $76 for it, however on the following website you can get it for $56 brandnew. Hope this helps Sohaib
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