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  1. Umm, on my 95 camry(dare i say it is similar to a lexus?) the vertical adjuster is a long screw that sticks up from the headlamp. It looks like it's a screw holding the light in but if u keep turning it, it wont budge. I was !Removed! this for a good 3 mins before i realize it was an adjuster, not a bolter.
  2. 48,500 on 2000 Lexus ES300. April 20th is its birthday.
  3. That is some really cautious driving my friend. I avg about 3000rpm as well but i just like to have a little more fun coming off the toll booths or the red lights. Of course driving in san francisco wont ever get above 21mpg but oh well. oh yea, sometimes i also get road rage and ppl are going to slow so i go around them hitting 5000-6000rpm for like 10 seconds. I wish there was a 5th gear so i can save more gas on highways
  4. Tell you guys the truth, i believe the G35 sedan is a MUCH better buy than the lexus for my kind of driving. I would definitely trade my 2001 ES for the g35... maybe i'll get that car next. i'm thinking either g35 or bmw new 2006 3 series. I enjoy the smooth ride of the lexus but at time, i just want to punch it on the streets, probbaly due to road rage. as for C/D, they're not really that great, i follow a few automotive magazines and each have their own kind of editors... C/D has some old geezers
  5. Information about the type of bulbs and wattage used for EVERY light in the car is found in the manual. somewhere in the back for my 2000 ES.
  6. Ya man, i would be interested in a piece like this too... maybe u can make a bunch for the 98-01 ES's cause it's freakin awesome. looks wonderful
  7. i have a 00 ES300 and i can't find such a glow in the dark handle. there is a handle for the fuel door release though. Maybe for those with it on the 01 can tell me exactly where it is, maybe i can find it too.
  8. 1. Abusing an engine isn't good for it. 2. You'll be taken a lot more seriously in your life if you learn to write and spell. #2 -> i've been aching to say that. The way things are stated makes me not pay attention as much.
  9. w00t, i finally went back to lexus asking for brake pads for the rear. they told me i was still at great shape: 9mm for front, 8mm for rear. i've never changed rear brakes since purchase in April of 2000. The fronts i changed at 8000miles, they said i was driving bad. So my noise problem coming from the driver's front wheel while just driving regularly. the rubbing metal noise. I asked the mechanic to sit in the car w/ me and the first second he heard it, he was excited because he knew exactly what it was. They said it's the hub deflector and it needed to be replaced. the damn thing cost 2
  10. i went to kragen and they had it under Toyota 4M9. at first, it felt very watery when i applied it and it was kinda dark. but after letting it dry, the color matched perfectly. I'm thinking of getting the car waxed for the first time ever since purchased because of all the scratches i have painted. maybe the glossy look will make it shine once more.
  11. I was washing my car today and BAM, new scratches. i dont even know how ANY gets on there cause i never scratch. Anywho, i have a touch up pen for the lower half color but now i seek the upper half. i dont know where i can look for the touch up pens' color name or code or even P/N. i would imagine going back to lexus or toyota and ask them to look it up but i rarely have time. just want to be able to pick it up at local auto stores if they hold them. if you can tell the color from my signature(year 2000) let me know
  12. aww they charged me for that sensor thing even though i was still under warranty. that is MESSED UP. car reg back in April 2000 so i guess my 4 year limited warranty is over. the noise comes and goes too. sometimes i can hear it really loud, uusally when car is driving less than 30mph. Sound also occurs when doing a turn at ANY speed. i can only hear it from the driver front wheel but then again i can't really hear the rest of the car. i think i'm looking at about $1000 worth of stuff when i go in for 45k check up because they'll tell me to change brakes and they'll for sure find errors here a
  13. my car, 2000 ES300 is at 43k already and i need new brakes, and i keep hearing this freakin sound when i turn my car, sometimes even when i'm driving in a straight. the noise comes from the wheel itself... sounds like the metal disc is rubbing against something. i had lexus look at this before and they said it was the brake sensor rubbing against the disc so they replaced it. sure enough, the sound was still there but i didn't have time to do anything about it. Now that 45k miles is coming up, maybe i can take it to lexus and have them listen to all my problems. what should this 45k miles ch
  14. i watched a top gear video last week and they did the new Audi A8 disel, they were able to do 800miles in ONE TANK OF GAS. about 45mpg total. THAT IS INSANE. Jeremy was giving some tips on how to be gas efficient. 1) aerodynamics: close all ur windows, reduce drag 2) turn off air conditioning: MAJOR gas eater 3) try not to listen to music, if must, listen to radio 4) keep RPM below 2000. so i was driving from San francisco to Davis, about 80miles. i was attempting to drive below 2000rpm but it was impossible. Jeremy was doing about 50mph going under 2000rpm but i found that it was not po
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