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  1. I just posted this on the other list. These guys are legit 100%. I have bought numerous keys from them. Very honest and professional. When I had issues programming they helped out when no one else could. Call and ask for Tami.
  2. I would totally buy from them!! Very trust worthy. I've gotten all my keys from them. And reasonably priced.
  3. Check out this website. You can order the key and they will even cut it for you and give you the instructions on how to program it yourself. http://www.toy-lex.com/
  4. Cars can act funny if left sitting for extended periods of time. Old gas, condensation in the system, or even worse dirt can play a factor. I would recommend taking that animal on the highway and just drive it. 15-20 miles won't cut it. Waite a few days after some good driving and then reset the codes again just to make sure and see if they come back on. Good Luck.
  5. I have a 2003 GS300. Where is the cabin air filter located? Any help is appreciated Thanks
  6. Call Tami at the number provided on the website. I'm sure she can get it for you and even tell you how to program the remote. But for you car, there won't be a remote key. It will be a seperate remote only.
  7. This is who does all my key cutting and programming. Check out their website. All the information you need will be there. http://www.toy-lex.com/
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