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  1. Recently my Rear Light Failure Warning Light on my 2000 RX300 came on. I discovered the top center bulb out and replaced it with the type recommended in the owners manual. But the Warning light would come back on when I stepped on the brake. Yesterday the low fuel light came on and the Warning light did not come on no matter how many times I stepped on the brake. After filling the tank and the low fuel light went out, the Warning light came on again after I stepped on the brake. It appears that it is not anything to do with the rear bubs but with the detection of bulb failure. Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. I have a 2000 RX300 with 110k miles. I've started getting an intermittent P0768 code. The check engine light will come on and then next time I start it,it will be off, and stays off for 1-2 weeks. When I check the code it is always P0768. The transmission appears to shift fine. I'm taking it to a transmission shop, but thought I'd ask for anyone's experience so I can be ready when the mechanic tells me his findings. Does this sound like a solenoid failure? Loose wire? Transmission?
  3. About 5 years a ago I replaced a failing battery. About a week later an oxygen sensor failed. Two weeks ago I had to replace the battery and a week later an air-fuel ratio sensor failed. Is there some step in the replacing battery procedure that I need to be doing, or are these failures just coincidence?
  4. I was curious about this since I own a 2000 RX300, so I contacted Lexus. Thier reply "Lexus does not have any information in regards to the failure rates of transmissions in the early RX 300 models." I find it difficult to believe that with a focus on customer satisfaction that they would not track failure rates of major components. Even Kia probably does that! I would have felt better if they told me something like x% had major problems requiring major repair or replacement, and y% had minor problems resulting in repair for less than $1000. Their response seems to indicate they have something to hide.