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  1. Interstate Auto...Diamond (bumper to bumper). Have had them on both new and used car purchases through my credit union, and they have paid out on all items that were covered in the contract to date (have had one or more policies in effect with them for over 10 years)...noting that they work with most dealers. Hubby's Caddie and Nissan were serviced at their respective dealerships and in each case, the dealers direct billed Interstate, so no money out of pocket.
  2. too (thump), but not a regular occurrence though. Was beginning to wonder if my tire iron or spare tire were not secured properly. Just had transfer case will let you know if that was the issue should the thump be gone. Guess is that its "normal" based on driving a new RX 350 for the last five days and guess what it did today? Yuppers, clunk/thump.
  3. Et tu? LOL. Have you gotten used to holding it in place while you turn? ROFL. I can so relate. Just (today) replaced my hinge because of that (well worth the $90 bucks in part and labor to stop that annoying crap). Funny how a 4 year old car has those issues when my 70 Challenger's visors have no such problems after all almost 40 years. Go figa'!
  4. too (thump), but not a regular occurrence though. Was beginning to wonder if my tire iron or spare tire were not secured properly. Just had transfer case will let you know if that was the issue should the thump be gone.
  5. Perhaps the heater or the power to the seat if I'd have to make a reasonable deduction.
  6. Thanks for the layman's breakdown WWEst....this was an awesome post!
  7. I've had NO such mechanical issues with my 2004 RX 330....90K highway miles on it now (from 0 miles at new). Only had that damn dash rattle, which was addressed by the dealer.
  8. Is it advisable to replace this part when doing your timing belt (knew this to be the case on 90's and earlier cars, but know little of modern enigne layouts and whether or not the pump is uneffected as to access as to make an "anytime change out" possible)? And, how long do these pumps last/what is the recommended life span? THANKS!
  9. Hello Gang. Trying to ensure I get the MOST current disc available for my 2004 RX 330. Dont want to be sold last year's nav disc if there is a new kid on the block. THANKS!
  10. Just called the service manager. They will be crediting me the entire bill. Mgr was not in that day, and he TOO has questions as to the charges. Feel much better now. As I told the Mgr, I dont mind paying labor/parts, etc when its a legit work order for a repair, but not to reset a computer (less than 5 mins).
  11. Check the owners book, but I think to reset it, you hold the button all the way open until it closes again. Remember the old days when a sun roof had just a button and no *^&%$# COMPUTER. Amen! Dealer charged me for an hour's labor on this BS...and we all KNOW it took 10 mins to correct. Not to mention, they also had a misc $13 shop fee. Had I been the one picking up the car, I would have called them to the carpet on the spot. As it is, I will have to call the shop mgr and ask why the hour labor and what the F the "shop supplies" are for this service call.
  12. Agreed, after replacing the battery on our 2004 RX330, I just had a similar issue with the power windows. I had to consult the manual and to my surprise, right there it said "after replacing the battery, you may experience an issue with the power windows ..." Yes, found that...and the blank balance of the page with no "how to" fix it.
  13. Hubby changed out my battery today (fortunately, it didn't die on us one day earlier whilst we were 280+/- miles from home) as its Sunday, and no dealership is open. I assume the Lexus factory batt is only good for 4 years...? Anyway, he tells me that the sunroof controls now seem to be crossed. That is, the tilt is controlling everything, to include slide forward and back, while the button that normally controls that, seems to be dead. I have not checked anything else, but I am sure the seat and radio memories are wiped (par for the course, and not a huge deal), but am also concerned about some who have mentioned needing a code to regain any radio access at all. Anyway..the big issue here are the sunroof controls. Before I have to schlep to the dealer, does anyone have experience with this? Your input would be most humbly appreciated. Regards.
  14. Have a 2004 RX 330. Want to upgrade the Nav disc, but wasnt sure what the most up-to-date version was, and more importantly, what version will work in my present system. I also understand its a simple issue of trunk mount player access to switch out discs. Please advise.
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