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  1. Just Bought A Sc400!

    Congratz! Welcome to the club. You will learn over time that these cars are truly magnificent. Btw, I think you got a good deal. That sucks about the books not being with the car..maybe you could call a dealership and buy one if you're feeling frisky. I don't even know if they sell them or what they'd say. Why did you buy a car without testing driving it? That's generally not a very good practice! But I hopefully you'll luck out and its a well maintained car. It could be due for a timing belt..or other things.
  2. Traction Control

    Woah. I thought they all came with TRAC. My 95 SC300 Automatic seems to have the light on the dash board upon start up and even does that noise when you first turn the wheel after first starting the car. The noise I'm referring to is like a laser sound or a laser gun being shot off, then goes away quickly. Sounds like a motor firing on or something. I was under the impression that that noise was the TRAC system engaging and or self checking. Am I completely off base with the noise I hear?
  3. Greetings, I've got stock rims on my baby. She's 14 years old by now so I think some of the chrome is starting to flake off. The flaking is only present in a few areas near the spokes. I've no reason to believe it's not flaking anywhere else though. I've had the car for two years and certain tires cannot hold air for more than a month without needing to be pumped up again. Before filling one up the other day it was down to 15-20psi. My tire guy says I will be fighting this as long as I have the car. I assume he really means as long as I have the rims in their current condition. I've had new tires put on there(not to fix the problem but because it was time) and I even had the tire shop rebuff the rims. Didn't help. Have any of you experienced this problem? Would the problem go away if I had the rims re-chromed? It obviously would go away if I got new rims, correct? Thanks, Decypher 1995 SC300 150,000 and purrs like a kitten. A really big, buff kitten.
  4. Factory manual for a '00 SC says check RADIO No.2 Fuse on Junction Block No.1 and DOME Fuse on Relay Block No.2 My power mirrors don't work along with my Dome light. Sounds to me like this could be the culprit. I'll buy a fuse and have a looksy. :-)
  5. How To Convert From Manual To Stick

    There's quite a problem with your terminology, first off. You say you want to convert manual to stick. thing is, those are the exact same thing dude. Manual transmission IS a stick shift! get it? Anyway: You're going to be looking for the Supra V160 6-spd transmission , it works perfectly as far as i have read.
  6. Touché! I just know that most people here mean well and deserves a break. Even I mean well when I chimmed in even though it could be viewed as rough. I love everyone ! I don't HAVE to know anything about my car, I know that (to me) it seemed Mr skperformance was rude in the initial response to tc32. tc32 had to spend his time responding to a still rude response to Mr skperformance. You have lost the point. Why couldn't sk performance just be polite and helpful? Is he excused of his rudness because he "knows everything about cars"? decypher you have "chimed in" on uncalled for name calling. How rude!!!
  7. There is a lot of negativity and bull crap in this thread and doesn't need to be here. For one thing, lexypam, all that guy was saying is that the "best" is objective to the driver and individual. To get the best possible fit for this guy it's best for him to state his desired outcome with the springs/shocks. Then the genius JohnH chimes in with absolutely nothing constructive to say and just further adds to the idiocy of this thread. It's pretty clear JohnH and lexypam know absolutely nothing about their cars. If anything, you two give lexus owners a bad name not the ones in this thread actually trying to constructively help someone.
  8. '95 Sc400 Fuel Injector Issues....

    Could be your catalytic converter. Check it out :)
  9. Passenger Window Stuck Down

    The car was made in 94, btw. You asked earlier and I just caught it. It is weird they would want to replace both when the driver side controls work well. I'm going to try and get a second opinion today from the toyota dealership, that is if they work on lexus. As for the eBay part, I have a tan interior so that one doesn't match. I do believe you're right on the regulator, as I can't see a control switch making the window sluggish.
  10. Passenger Window Stuck Down

    It is not the dealership, closest one is Fresno I believe. I am on the central coast. I went to a local import auto place and they said both passenger and driver side switches needed to be replaced. Driver side is like $230 he said, and the passenger one is like $170 or so.
  11. Passenger Window Stuck Down

    Turns out the problem was the Driver and Passenger side switches, which run $200 and $175 respectively. Plus my car was showing error 71 I believe. The ERG valve was malfunctioning , no doubt affecting my MPG. He quoted me at $675 for parts and labor, does that seem fair to you all?
  12. Passenger Window Stuck Down

    Does anyone know if the window motor from a SC400 of the same year would work in my SC300?
  13. When I first got my 95 SC300 I immediately noticed the passenger window would roll up and down very sluggishly. It would get the job done, but it seemed to struggle a lot. One beautiful day four months ago I picked up a friend who rolled down the passenger window, hours thereafter we discovered the damn thing wouldn't roll back up. I slept on the problem trying to figure out what I would do to solve it. I awoke and went to school 9:30, and at 10:30 in between my next class I checked on the window because I'm OCD like that and it magically but very sluggishly rolled up. I told my buddy who is a pretty good car guy about my experience and he mentioned something about a temporary breaker or fuse which can break temporarily disabling the window, but then can refuse when it's "safe." I don't know what he's talking about or if that is related to my experience or not, just wanted to throw that out there. After it rolled back up I put on the passenger window lock to ensure any unfortunate events. I wasn't smart enough to get it replaced then! Two days ago, I pick up another friend for adventures and he promptly disengages the passenger window lock while I'm in the trunk putting in a CD he requested and rolls down the passenger window. That *BLEEP*!!!!!! I kept my cool but explained the window is likely to not roll up again for a few days. Of course I couldn't blame him, you ride in a car that nice and you just expect the components to be operational. Yesterday my brother and I removed the passenger door panel and realized you could hear a faint humming when you engaged the passenger window switch up. Which to me sounds like the motor is getting electricity, yet the window still doesn't work. My brother thinks its the window motor, however. Should I just replace the window motor and regulator? It is 13 years old after all. Is there a Toyota or Lexus model from that year which used the same window motor and regulator? From which car should I try and find a window motor and regulator? I need to know what would be compatible. Any help or advice anyone can give on this situation is greatly appreciated. I hope you all are doing well and that your cars are running smoothly. :)
  14. Milking Mpg Through Mods

    What kind of fuel meter would you suggest I get?
  15. I am looking to increase fuel efficiency in my ride. Power is not much of an issue as I would just like a little better MPG with some modding. What mods do you guys recommend for this? To those who have already performed these mods, what kind of MPG do you get now? I average about 19-22 mpg right now and would love to see that number near 30.