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  1. I ended up buying the Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus BL (235/45R18). Has a 94V rating and 70,000 mile warranty. Got a good deal on them as well. I've had these for about a couple of months now and I must say the are a good ride. Very quiet and good performance.
  2. I have the Lexus RX350 and my windshield chipped while driving on the freeway. Was hoping that it would not spread and crack the glass but unfortunately it did. Dealer has quoted me a price of $1200 (which I think is ridiculous). Is this really true? Can an aftermarket (generic) one be installed as opposed to getting one from the dealer?
  3. No, Lefxus dropped the ball on this one. try Has anyone fitted one on a 2008 RX350? Unfortunately it doesn't come with exact instructions for getting access to the head unit. Instead points to - anyone know the docs needed? Thanks! No, I don't think Lexus dropped the ball. They took it to the next step on the 2008 models with the CD player being able to play MP3s. I can load all the music from my 4 gb Ipod on one MP3 disk. The 2007 model also plays MP3's. :D