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  1. Well as an update to this thread. The driver side coil was to blame for the problem. I pulled the coil wire off and engine did not run any different. This coil was a pain in the butt to get out as it tried my patience cause I have bigger hands but finally got it. I also put new ngk plugs and wires on while I was at it. I have seemed to gain a mile per gallon or so. I had to go on a trip for work and drove 700 miles and average 22.9 mpg going 78-80 mph. I now need to fix my exhaust leak and the power steering pump and all will be good.
  2. How does a person check for a bad coil or bad ecm? Is there a range of ohm resistance that it should be in? An ecm sounds expensive how do I go about testing that? thanks
  3. Well I purchased my 93ls 4k miles ago it has 170k miles on it. I went and took the family to a amusement park yesterday that was 360 miles away round trip yesterday. The car seemed to run just fine on the way there but when I started the ls to leave it started misfiring badly. I needed to get some gas so I stopped in the local station and filled up. I then found out I only got 18 mpg versus the usual 22-25. I will list the symptoms below. * Running very rough * Does not have any power, I would compare it to when you start a car in to high of a gear when trying to take off * It could not maintain speed up any sort of hill * My tachometer was not consistent, it would bounce all over the place * Since the first day I bought it the speedometer has been 20mph slow but earlier in the week it magically started working correctly. * When I first opened the hood, I saw some smoke coming off the rear of the engine. * No check engine light. *10 mpg If any of you know where to start I would greatly appreciate it. I haven't had time to go pull a plug and see what it looks like so start giving me an indication of what might be wrong. It was a tough drive on the way back but we made it safe and sound. thank for any help.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a 94 300 and the cigarette lighter doesn't work. I don't have power to it. I have checked every fuse that I can find and none seem to be blown. Is there a special hiding place for this fuse, I would really like to know before I have to disassymble everything to make sure that the lighter didn't come unhooked from behind the ashtray. If I do have to unhook everything where do I start? Thanks
  5. Hey all, I just bought my first lexus. It is a 94 es300 with 144k miles on it. My headlights are horrible but when I went to change to my brights the indicator came on the instrument panel but nothing changed. Is there a fuse somewhere for the highs or is it a relay problem. I am lost I usually work on 3/4 ton trucks but needed the car for some gas mileage. Thanks for all your help.
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