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  1. This is the vertical DVD unit that's in the storage compartment area between the front seats. Who knows, kids might have dropped glue in it ;-) It's not working, and hasn't been working for the past 18mos. I dropped a disc inside recently, and the unit seemed to want to read it but to no effect. On top of that, I can't even get that DVD out now. 1. Any ideas for replacing the DVD unit outside the Dealer's exhorbitant prices? 2. Can you manually eject a DVD from the unit? Thanks, Mercedes
  2. Can somoene look at their work order sheet and tell us what is the TSB # that relates to this? I had the rear driveshaft replaced around 5k a couple of yrs ago (MY04 GX), but the problem still occasionaly comes and goes. I'll take it in again and request that they replace driveshaft and rear control arms.
  3. Change dealer, if possible. Sewell Lexus in Dallas is one of the best dealer groups (they also trade in Cadillac, Saab, Hummers, GMC products) is exemplary. First time I brought my wife's GX in for the rear "thumb" (as if rear-ended) noise, they didn't even try to reproduce by driving with me; they just took it in and had the driveshaft replaced. The noise is back, of course, since there's no long-term fix for it, but the service experience was what's staying with you!
  4. Do you REALLY need the GX in the home fleet? If not, why not get an ES350? Superior for your wife's size, overall fuel efficiency, ride, etc.
  5. I'd have to agree with the previous poster: SUVs and fuel economy is somewhat of an oxymoron, especially when you get up to 5000 lb vehicles, which apparently you need to be able to tow your camper. Alternative solution? Rent a Ford Expedition from Enterprise during those few days in a year that you need to tow your camper. As far as gas price goes, why did people think that in this country, and with China and India have huge oil needs to support their industrial growth, the price of gas would be stuck at $1.50/gallon for ever?!
  6. I gladly would accept paying a couple of thou $ more just to complete the transaction as quickly as possible. For me, 2 extra hrs at the dealer are not worth the marginal savings or the relentless bargaining. Keep in mind, everything in this world is relative!
  7. They should be able to take care of most of the problems you mention. Specifically, the thumping noise is a common problem that many owners have experienced. Mentioned it to my service manager last time I brought the car in and they replaced the rear driveshaft. Right now they're chasing a light "gremlin" --- the tire pressure monitor light is on most of the time while the tires are at perfect pressure. Probably a faulty sensor. It's not uncommon with cars being more complex today--and progressively relying more on electronics--that electrical glitches to sensors and failure of littl
  8. Interesting. Since the whole thing is "shortcircuited" when the handbrake is raised, I thought that a much simpler fix would be hardwiring the wire that "reads" the handbrake being raised. Thanks.
  9. Interesting. Although soft for my taste (my car is an Audi S8), I've driven my wife's GX470 from Dallas to Houston in both sunny, thunderstorm and windy conditions. Setting the car at the stiffer setting made it drive perfectly at constant speeds of 75-85mph. In comparison, a Volvo S80 rental I drove last the same route was all over the place (very unstable). There must be something with your vehicle (alignment or tire pressure).
  10. Yes, it can be done. You need to remove the handbrake ("e-brake") and short-circuit (ie, tie together the two ends of) a small wire in there that allows the DVD to play in the front screen when the hand-brake is lifted. When short-circuited, the DVD thinks that the e-brake is pulled and plays on the front screen. Fairly easy to do (but I am not really proposing doing it since it means an unsafe operation the vehicle :-))
  11. Has anyone integrated their cell phone to the Command (Display) system? If so, which cell brand? Procedure used? Thanks.
  12. The VW Tuareg in the british CAR magazine had a similar noise that was thought to be due to an unbalanced propshaft or diff gone AWOL issue. Eventually, they replaced the tires with a new set (different brand) which solved the problem. The mechanic claimed tha tthe original set suffered from radial runout (ie eccentricity). Now, with so many owners complainying about the same problem, I doubt it's such a simple issue...
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