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  1. This seams to be a common issue. ...a temporary solution to the wet carpet. On my GS400, I made a tray by cutting up a gallon jug and slipping it under the leaking box, attached a tube so water can drain. At first I had it drain in to a small plastic soda bottle that was tucked under the carpet but last summer I redid the tray and now the tube is routed through a rubber grommet in the floor board. I have so far forgotten about the issue until I read threads like this, but I promise one day I will pull the dash and reseal the evap box.
  2. Check Engine Light

    You are on the right track, no power to the ECU. FIRST the EFI fuses need to be checked. Under the hood and in the kick panel. Then verify the EFI relay is working. Hope this helps...
  3. Nothing wrong in fixing a plastic box, that Lexus will not sell separately, with a tube of what ever is appropriate (epoxy or silicone). Usually it is the factory seal at the seam that fails.
  4. We bought my wife a white 98 GS300 with 120,000 miles. I was so impressed I sold my 91 Supra and 86 4Runner to get a sweet black GS400 with 148,000 miles. I will do all the work on these cars myself except of course mount and balance tires. Hers a pic of the one I picked up last week...
  5. This is not a front wheel drive car...there are no CV joints in the front of your GS. The noise you hear is most likely the balljoints...
  6. I would wait and watch the leak and see if it gets worse over a weeks time, then you can decide what to do. Replacing the main seal is a big job and expensive. The previous owner had Lexus replaced the rear main of our gs300, the receipt showed about $1000. Personally I would leave it alone until it starts dripping oil on the driveway and then only after the driveway needs a good power washing would I rent a tranny jack and spend a few intimate hours replacing the seal myself.