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  1. Hello All, Two brand new, never installed camshaft seals. My LS is long gone and found these in the cabinet. These will fit many Toyota/Lexis engines. $22 shipped to lower 48 of USA. $20 if local to Phoenix. Fitment is buyer's responsibility. Thanks, Eddie
  2. Hello All, Brand new, never installed set of eight (8) NGK IFR6T11 spark plugs for a LS 400 or LS 430. Car is long gone and found these in the cabinet. These are for LS 400 and 430, plus other cars. Fitment is buyer's responsibility. Will ship to lower 48 of USA for $45. Pickup for $40 if you are in Phoenix. Thanks, Eddie
  3. Hello All, I recently had this done and thought I'd post the results in the event a member finds it helpful or interesting. My LS has 110,000 (bought 5 years ago with 81,000 miles) and this sample had 9,000 miles on the oil (SynPower (Full Syn) 5w30). I added about 10 oz. over the 9,000 miles. I spoke with the technician and he said my numbers are so low that even with a TBN < 1, it is no big deal. My next OCI will be 7,500 miles. Just a couple of comments: 1) My first sample was lost by the USPS. FedEx cost 3 times as much ($2.50 vs. $6.50), but got there. 2) This is my first sample with alsglobal (done with a WIX Kit purchased at amazon.com) and I will use them again at the 7,500 OCI. They were great and turned the sample around within a couple days of receipt. Being able to speak with the tech was also very helpful. Thanks for all the help over the years and don't hesitate to ask questions should you have any. Eddie UOA_1998_LS400_BO.pdf
  4. Just a quick note as I had the same thing happen to me last year. I noticed an oil leak just inside the driver's side front wheel. It turns out the oil filter was not tightened enough during the last oil change. A simple twist or so and the oil leak was fixed. A bit of a relief I must say. Good luck, Eddie
  5. You are right that a well maintained LS will go 300,000+ with good maintenance. Has all maintenance been done and are records available? Make sure the The 90,000 mile service (timing belt, water pump, etc.) Also find out if the motor mounts (2) and tranny mount (1) have been replaced. They'll need it at that mileage. It's about $500 for parts (online) and labor (indy shop). I'd also suggest getting a buyer's inspection done. And with that mileage, a leak down test. These should cost about $200, but will tell you lots about the car. I'd also try to get the price down to $8,000 or below. Good luck and keep us posted. Eddie
  6. Hello and Welcome. The LS series will easily go to 300,000-500,000 miles with good maintenance so I'd let things like available maint. records, price and car options guide your decision. Good luck, Eddie
  7. I've never sent a PM here either, but I'm guessing it's a newbie thing. As your post count goes up so do your privileges. I'll send you a PM in a minute and maybe you can reply. If not, we'll figure something out. Eddie
  8. I think the interval is 6 years or 90,000 miles. This is a tough call that only you can make, but the belt is not exposed to sunlight and should not be exposed to any chemicals or fluids that would deteriorate it. OTOH, guessing wrong might cost you an engine. There are many, many examples of belts going way beyond miles and years and very, very few actually breaking. I just had mine done at 87,000 miles and ten years, which was close enough for me. Good luck, Eddie P.S. I noticed you're in AZ. If you don't have a good mechanic, I'd recommend mine. Drop me a PM.
  9. I'd say no. Here's the maintenance schedule for a '98 LS 400 which should be darn close to yours. As a DIY project, I'd say tops $100 in parts. Nothing in the 60K service requires Lexus training so any good mechanic can handle it, and it shouldn't be more than $200-ish. Good luck, Eddie Maintenance_Schedule_Chart.pdf
  10. If you've replaced the tranny mount and motor mounts, try replacing the "center support bearing." I found a reference to this causing tough-to-solve vibration problem on a '99 LS 400 on another Lexus forum. I believe it's part of the drive shaft, but not sure where it is or what it looks like. I'm guessing the above applies to your '90, but I'm not sure given these ideas are directly related to '98-'00 LS 400's. Good luck, Eddie definitely not Thanks. I just wanted to be sure that there would not be enough movement to cause seals to shift and bind. I have been to my local Lexus dealer half a dozen times in the last 2 years on this vibration issue, suggesting they check mounts, but always they come back with - you need new tires. I have now purchased new tires twice - first set feathered in 5-6k miles, and now just bought another set. Vibration is still there. Do dealers not have a clue about the proper condition/life expectancy of mounts and/or the common causes of vibration? I am sick of "it's the tires" as the stock answer. I have come so close to selling my beloved 90 LS - 210 k miles, mint, all records since new - because I am frustrated beyond all reason with the vibration issue and lack of dealer understanding. How they could test drive the car with new tires, say "there's now just a little vibration" and think the problem is solved is beyond me. So....I think I'll take the advice of others on this post and just buy the mounts online and go to an indie shop and take a flyer on it and see what happens - hate to part with a car I think is a joy to drive when right.
  11. Tranny mount replaced in Jan. with a noticeable improvement. MM's replaced a couple weeks ago with a bigger improvement. No grommets or bushings replaced at this time. I can do those when I get a chance so no rush. MM's were about $90 each (+ shipping) from Carson. Carson Toyota (Gordon and Loius) was great to deal with. Eddie thanks Eddie for your comments, i am saving money :) btw, what did you replace? engine mounts, tranny mounts, steering rack grommets or all of them?
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