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  1. PRICE CHANGE!!!! 200 plus shipping!!!!! It doesn't get cheaper than this!!!
  2. Hey all, These wheels were given to me by a friend for my 1st gen GS. I decided to go a different route with the car and won't be using white wheels. They are prestine, New In Box, and ready for shipment or pick up. I am located in NJ. Specifics are: 18x7.5 DZ Yankees 5 X 114.3 lug pattern +40 offset PRICE IS 300 obo plus shipping for ALL 4 WHEELS (not selling seperately), but I'm negotiable, so PM me, AIM is Jewishdragon711, or post here. Rob
  3. lexatlast

    Interior Speakers

    I have had a Pioneer AVIC-D2 for a while now, and I love it. It is a great unit. There are newer versions out there, but they all use the same map discs for the most part. And you can get it for much cheaper than the new ones. It is not a flip out, though. It is a full touch screen that folds down and behind the screen is a slot for the navigation DVD as well as a slot for CD/MP3/WMA, etc. You can get the XM or Siruis tuner if you want, but with XM you can get XM NavTraffic, which is pretty cool. You can hook an iPod to it, Bluetooth, rear camera, etc. It is worth checking out in my opinion. Also, in my old Lexus, I had Eclipse speakers all around and they sounded beautiful. Hope this helps. Do you happen to know what sizes those speakers were? Impedance, size, everything? and do you know if the first gen GS and second gen GS have the same size speakers? Thanks, ~rob
  4. lexatlast

    My Ride... (pics)

    thats what ur planning? do you think you could send me links on some of the products you plan to get for a 1st gen Gs 2jzgte transition?
  5. lexatlast

    My Ride... (pics)

    nice sir, and welcome!
  6. lexatlast

    How Fast Have U Gone

    1996 TOYOTA COROLLA - 110MPH (driver) 1996 DODGE CARAVAN - 105 MPH (driver) 1993 LEXUS GS300 - 120 MPH (driver) 2004 DODGE SRT4 - 135MPH (passenger) 2006 PONTIAC GTO - 115MPH (passenger) 2006 HONDA S2000 - 110MPH (passenger) but seriously remember, speeding is bad.
  7. lexatlast

    Airbag Light Stays On

    i have a similar problem. My airbag light stay on as well, but i have my cruise control and horn still operational. I read a post on this site saying it might be the airbag module, but does anyone happen to know if it could be anything else? from a blown fuse to a missing airbag? just got the car, 95 GS300 thanks
  8. lexatlast

    Later Everyone!

    God damn... that sucks a lot. How old are you, 18-19? Get your own insurance policy. I'm 21 now and i've had my own since i was 18. i'm sorry to hear that, but don't say goodbye, i'm sure you'll be back soon enough
  9. lexatlast

    My New Gs 300 ...(pics)

    ebay that ish. probably less than 10 bucks for clear sides
  10. lexatlast

    Underglow Lights

    i think a lot of people think its tacky BECAUSE lots of people with civics and such do it to make their cars look a little better. Regardless of the car, I feel its kinda cool to have light shine from the undercarriage and if civics and such are entitled, why not us? Don't associate the look with their cars. Think of how it would look on yours. but ur right, it is everyone to their own opinion
  11. lexatlast

    The Highest Mileage Gs400 Out There?

    holy *BLEEP* 280k thats nuts u wont even see mercedes or bmw pull that off anymore, sweeeet... GS's i love em i agree. fricken ridiculous mileage...
  12. lexatlast

    1993 Gs300

    dude 4000$ seems like a very good price for that amount of miles. i own a 95 gs300 and i love the thing (i paid 5K for mine, but mine is a 95, with grey leather interior, and touring edition black). The only problem you'll have i think is that if it has the stock radio, there might or might not be a cd changer and even if you have it, you can't play burned cds in it. But on a good note, it comes with a factory amp and sub already installed as part of the sound system! And no, it didn't come standard with chrome rims, so be happy about that. come on. if you're 19 usually anything with wheels will do. So if you're rollin with lexus baller status, how can you go wrong? :D hope you get it
  13. lexatlast

    Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust For 06+ Lexus Gs300/350

    do you happen to know if it will fit a 95 gs300?
  14. lexatlast

    Word Association Game

    Demolition Man