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  1. Sold my GX so I have a Original Lexus front bra (used only once during a 5 day roadtrip) and a True Flow Air Filter part no. 40201 with less than 3500 miles on it PM or email me at gavinl (at) Front Nose $85 shipped within continental 48 States True Flow Air Filter $30 shipped within continental 48 States
  2. Hi all, Here's another item from my previous GX at a bargain for other GX owners, (specific links to one's items on eBay is against LOC guidelines.) Please feel free to post your items in the Buy and Sell Forum on this website. Thanks for understanding. steviej LOC Management
  3. Hi all, Since I sold my GX, I have a 2004 Factory Service Manual with Electrical Wiring Diagram book listed on Ebay, please take a look. Thanks! 2004 Service Manual on Ebay
  4. I believe the latch hooks are on the passenger side only. The driver side/center back seat hooks are European ISOFIX hooks, like this
  5. IIRC all GX470s have leather interior, just different color options
  6. If your GX does not have a tranny dipstick then it is a "WS" ATF which leaves you with the safe choice of using original Toyota WS ATF only. The 2003s uses the old T-IV which some aftermarket ATFs are compatible. I personally have Amsoil ATF in my 2003 (with tranny dipstick), I believe Valvoline Maxlife ATF is T-IV compatible too.
  7. Check out my post about the same taillights I got off Ebay Altezza Taillights Fitment was average because due to the barn door in our GX the right (passenger) side taillight housing did not clear the barn door's hinging motion. So I had to cut a hole out of the housing so that the barn door tailgate doesn't rub against the taillight housing each time I open or close it.
  8. I have contacted Vaistech and my SLU is going back to them for checking
  9. Thanks Brick. I will try this and let you know the results. Have you downloaded this before? Why do you need a dual layer DVD if the file size is less than 4gig? If I am not mistaken, a blank DVD has at least 4.7GB? Rj the file is a compressed image file, so after you uncompress it into the actual DVD image, it'll be 8+ GB and will only fit a DL DVD. Also, Verbatim discs have been noted to be the best to use with the Nav unit.
  10. Check this out The comments in there teaches you how to extract and burn the nav software into a Dual Layer DVD for it to work.
  11. cab2u, I have a Vaistech SLU in my 03 GX and occassionally (4 times over 8 months) the navigation gets "lost" placing my vehicle on the map miles away (one time 200+ miles south of my destination). Has there been official acknowledgment by Vaistech that their unit screws up the navi?
  12. If you have the RSES, cycling through the "disc" button on the front console will get you "DVD" mode which plays the RSES dvd sound through the cabin speakers.
  13. There is a "calibration" setting in the Nav unit, can't remember the exact steps to get to the calibration menu. Your owner's manual should have the information.
  14. No, at this point I think it's only a GM thing