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  1. In the mail today, I got my $200 gas card from Lexus "for the trouble". This gas card is issued thru Exxon/Mobile. I am impressed. After having my transmission and fuel pump replaced, the servicing dealer filled my tank in full and I even had a brand new RX330 as a loaner. And now a $200 gas card from Lexus. Thanks Lexus. :D
  2. Dear SW03ES, Do you know if the Infiniti FX35 have electronic throttle? If it does, I do not feel it with my 2003 Infiniti FX35. Thanks. lexuskrzy
  3. Whatever you call it, "transmission lag" or "electronic throttle lag", I do experience it too on my 2004 LS430. This is the first time I have noticed this "lag" in the cars I have owned. My wife drives a MB S430 and I do have a BMW 740iL 2001 and I do not experience this lag. This lag is indeed irritating and as what previously mentioned I feel this lag when driving at a slow speed (about 1-15mph) or when making turns at a slow speed. There were also occassions when the engine just cuts off on me while driving and this could be related to the fuel pump issue. I have had two Lexuses in the past and I was impressed with these cars. Now I starting to worry. I do have appointment with the local Lexus dealer this Wednesday (11 Aug.) and I will have to mention this "lag". I do hope they have a fix to this problem. Is it time to trade in my beloved 2004 Lexus LS430? I do not think so.
  4. I did have the Bridgestone Turanza E33 on my Euro-Tuned suspension 18 inch wheels. I replaced them with Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3. These are summer tires and if you live in southwestern states it would be the choice for summer tires. It gives you excellent handling, smooth and quite ride. If you are looking for all seasons tire, the Michelin Sport A/S would be your choice. Going to 20" wheels will adversely affect ride quality. I don't know if your car does have Euro-Tuned Suspension. It would have been the best choice if you were looking for better handling instead of going to 20" wheels. Good luck.
  5. I accidentally run over fleshly applied asphalt. I wish I had splash guards on. Does anyone know of any dealer of a custom made splash guard for the 2004 LS 430. I tried to call my local dealer and they unfortunately do not know of any local supplier. What I want is a custom made splash guards. Thanks.
  6. GS300rr, I was in the same position in early November, deciding between a BMW 745i/iL or a 2004 Lexus LS 430. I was trading in my 1998 BMW 740iL so I was siding more on getting a BMW 745i/iL. I did have previous experience with a Lexus since I owned a 1992 LS 400 until I traded in for the 1998 BMW 740iL. I liked both cars but it was a matter of reliability and ease of use which made me decide on the Lexus. Resale is better with the Lexus. Read the Dec. issue of Car and Driver wherein they compared six $70,000 cars (Lexus Ls430, Jaguar, Audi, BMW 745i, VW Phaeton, Mercedes Bexz S430). They chose the Lexus LS430 over the rest. BMW 745i came in 3rd. Goodluck, LEXUSKRZY 2004 Lexus LS430 Euro-Tuned Susp, Modern Luxury Package, SmartAccess Mercury Metallic/Ash
  7. There are so many remarkable improvement on the NAV system. 1- Background color schemes can be changed to 4 different color combinations & background depending on what is pleasing to your senses. 2- The points of interest have been improved. In 2003, the NAV had about 540,000 points of interest. The new generation NAV 4 now have OVER 2 MILLION points of interest. If you want to go to nearest ATM, gas station, bank, hospital, police station, dealer, park, museum, city or federal building, auto supply store, grocery, general stores, department stores, retail stores, convenience stores, community center, ice cream parlors, pet supply stores, etc.,or your favorite restuarant. U can even chose if U want Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean. American, fast food. U can even call ahead of time to order your dish via connection with your BT enabled phone. The phone numbers to all these points of interest (POI) are all programed into this new generation NAV 4. Look at your Yellow Pages, if it is listed in your local yellow pages, for sure it will be in your new generation NAV 4. You can even input the name of the place you are looking for & your NAV 4 will find it for you. 3- The NAV direction/map system will let you chose which route you want: shortest, city route, or highway route, it will even let you chose if you want a scenic route. Of course, the best choice for an LS is now the 2004 LS430. It is now the question of how much you are willing to pay and how much you can afford. Then again most Lexus buyers are sensible and value oriented people. That is why we did not buy the over priced BMW 745i/iL or the Mercedes Benz S series. Afterall they were all rated behind the 2004 Lexus LS430.
  8. Hello Michael, I noted that you are in Florida, so summer tires will be a good choice since I expect that your 2004 LS430 with EuroTuned Susp will not be seeing snow. A good choice, which I do have now on my car (same as your car), is Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3. Very quite and smooth riding tire. It was rated #1 among other 18 maximum performance summer tires, in terms of dry and wet traction, noise level and comfort level. Just make sure you don't use these tires in the snow. The Turanza E33, original equipment tires, was in the bottom last of the bunch. I use the Turanza E33 for about 2000 miles but it still did make any difference. I wish Lexus made a better choice of tires. LEXUSKRZY 2004 LS430 EuroTuned Susp, Modern Luxury Package, SmartAccess Mercury Metallic/Ash
  9. In addition to what have been noted. Upgraded and better suspension, and of course 6 speed automatic trans. giving it a better 0-60 acceleration at 5.9 secs. Rear passenger vanity mirrors.
  10. I did it on my own. Just follow instructions on the navigational screen. Just make sure that you set your phone on for bluetooth and your 04 Lexus 430 will sense it. Or you can refer to your navigation manual.
  11. I am currently using Sony/Ericson T610 by T-Mobile and it works perfectly with my 04 Lexus LS 430 Bluetooth.
  12. You can manually override the time so it appears the right time on the clock console but I do not think we can overide the date. I have ask my selling dealer and they have not even noticed this. They will check on it when I bring it in for my one month service. Every time I set it to automatic it goes right back to the set time on the GPS system. I have read the NAV manual but does not even touch on this topic.
  13. I noted this on my 2004 Lexus LS with NAV. My understanding is that the time is in conjunction with the date and time set on GPS system.
  14. What I did was that I traded up to a 2004 Lexus LS 430 with Euro-Tuned Suspension.
  15. Ronsou, My advise is get the Euro-Tuned Suspension (which does have 18" rims and 245/45/18 tires) but change the tires to Michelin Pilot Sport A/S or Continental ContiExtremeContact. Both tires are Ultra High Performance All Seasons Tires & both are smoother and quiet riding tires than the original Bridgestone Turanza E33. LEXUSKRZY 2004 LS 430 with Euro-Tuned Suspension with Modern Luxury Package, Smart Access, etc
  16. The underside in other 2004 LS430 is somewhat the same except the material is colored black in other vehicles.
  17. I checked the underside of my 04 LS 430 and it is exactly what you see in the ad. I have seen this ad on three occassions here in San Diego, CA. 2004 Lexus LS 430, Euro Tuned Suspension, SmartAccess, Modern Luxury Package, etc. Mellinium Silver/Ash
  18. I will check out the underside of my 04 LS 430 and will let you know.
  19. When I was looking for my 2004 LS 430. I could not get a base car with just the Euro Tuned Suspension. The LS 430 with Euro Tuned Suspension is packaged with Modern Luxury Package (Mark Levinson stereo, NAV, Bluetooth, Backup Camera, Front and Rear Seat heaters/coolers, Intuitive Parking Assist), together with SmartAccess, Mats, Wheel Locks and Cargo Net). The total MSRP was $62,159. I had to have the Sports Euro Tuned Suspension, so I did not have a choice but to get the rest of the package. The selling dealer sold it to me for $56,735. I think it was a good deal. My 1st Lexus was a 1991 LS 400 and was trouble free and later sold it to my in law. Replaced it with 1997 BMW 740iL. The BMW is indeed the great car as long as it was not in service or repair. After 6 years of BMW ownership, it was time to replace it. I originally planned on buying the new BMW 745i/iL but the iDrive and more care needed to own a BMW discouraged me from buying it. What convinced me to finally buy a 2004 Lexus LS430 was after receiving my December issue of Car and Driver and they pick the LS 430 first place and the 745i 3rd.
  20. Went to the dealer (Lexus Kearny Mesa, San Diego, CA) on Dec 28, 2003 and MSRP on my 2004 Lexus LS 430 was $62,159 (Modern Luxury Package with EURO Tuned Suspension, SmartAccess, Trunk Mats, Wheel Locks, NAV, BlueTooth, Rear Backup Camera, etc.). My best Lexus December To Remember Price was $ 56,735. $5424 off MSRP. I went to 4 dealers and this was the best price I can get. I could have gotten a better deal if I was willing to get a non-Euro Tuned Suspension but I insisted for the EURO Tuned Suspension which is harder to come by.
  21. Beartrap, Since you were thinking of upgrading to an 18" wheel to improve your handling it would have been more cost effective if you got the EURO TUNED suspension. It does come with 18" rims, 245/45/18 tires and bigger sway bars if I am not mistaken. It does indeed feel more muscular and gives better handling. Just a thought.
  22. I have Sony/Ericson T610 with T-Mobile and it works perfectly with my 2004 Lexus LS430. Neat stuff. You do not have to buy your mobile phone from Lexus. I had the T610 before I took delivery of my LS430.
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