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  1. Can someone confirm how many quarts the GS430 takes based on the manual? I don't have the manual in front of me now and want to buy some synthetic oil online. Thanks!
  2. I DID find that the newer Lexus navigation (2007+) don't have the override option. That stinks!
  3. I have a 2006 GS430 and am thinking of buying the Lexus Gen 5 version 9.1 disc to update my navigation. It currently has the Gen 4 navigation which is outdated and doesn't show most of the roads in/around my home. Has anyone confirmed if the Gen 5 disc will work in my car? If yes, please specify. Will the display on my nav screen change to the graphics of the gen 5 or just merely update the road info, etc. Thanks in advance! PS. I searched all over for this before posting but couldn't find the answer.
  4. Hi, I also have the same question. I'm getting ready to do the Prestigious Society Nav Hack plug-in mod and while I'm in there, I am thinking of doing the Ipod mod too. If there is a good one out there that can also play the videos on my ipod touch 2nd gen on the navigation screen, that would be sick. Anyone know wsup? Thanks
  5. I am constantly finding out new things about my GS430 that put a big smile on my face. Another great thing I noticed today was the illuminated door entry lights that shine from the bottom of the side mirrors when you unlock your car or get close to it with the sensor key. So naturally I wondered if there is a possibility to use that as a side mirror turning blinker when you drive. I noticed that our side mirrors don't have that option... or do they? Anyone tried this or can think of a way to make it work? Thanks.
  6. Hi there, I'm a proud new owner of my first Lexus (2006 GS430) and naturally, I want to take as much care of it as I can. So, since I purchased my vehicle used with some minor wear and tear and about 37k miles, I wanted to get opinions from the veterans about what you use to clean the inside of your vehicle. Please help me choose the right stuff (safe and effective). Sorry for the long post, I did try to search but couldn't find all the answers. Thanks in advance for your help! A ) Dash Wood Trim: My car has some fingerprints and what appears to be food smudges on the wood trim. B ) Gauge Screen and Navigation Screen: What fabric and cleaning solution (if any) should I use? C ) Dash Plastic: I used Armor-All with a lint free cloth in my old accord but I'm hesitant to use that stuff on such a nice interior. What works? D ) Leather Seats: I read most of the posts and have heard mixed messages about this. Has anyone had luck using a cloth with warm water to clean and then hitting it with leather conditioner? I always thought water and leather were a no-no but am I wrong? E ) Carpet and Rubber Smudges on Plastic: I guess the previous owner had black boots and when they got in/out of the car, it left some black smudges along the tan plastic near the door and by the floor. What is the best solution to clean this? F ) Smoke Smell: I think the previous owner smoked and I don't. What's the best way for me to get rid of the smoke smell? I'm obviously going to get an air freshener but if there is a more permanent solution to get rid of the smoke smell, that would be great. THANKS AGAIN!
  7. Hi, just purchased a used 2006 GS430 (my first Lexo-Flexo) that is black and the vehicle has some hairline scratches that are about 6-10 inches long. They are not that noticeable but since I know they are there, my eyes look at them every time. So, for those Lexus vets out there, does anyone know of a great way to fix these minute scratches? I've seen that infomercial with Billy Mays but read some reviews that said it doesn't work too well. I have some Meguiar's Scratch Removal stuff but I've used it before on my older car and it didn't do much (if anything). Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. Hello Everyone, I have been a faithful Lexus owner for 10+ years. My Lexus '92 LS400 just recently started having problems with the CD Changer. It is the factory Nakamichi 6 disc changer. When I put in a CD, the Head Unit just says "ERR" I tried to clean all the CD's (nothing) I tried to look in the Manual (nothing) I tried to check the wiring (nothing) If anyone has had this problem, or is experiencing it, I would really appreciate some HELP! I am a student and can't afford to buy a new audio system. Thank you in advance.... Email me with info:
  9. Wonderful! I will give that a shot. Any additional help is still appreciated..thanks!
  10. Thanks! I also changed the battery about 3 months I dont think that is the problem. Anything else?
  11. Thanks for the information. The Key turns over, and my gauge lights all work, but the engine just doesn't catch. It actually shows some life, but wont start. Anything else you can help me with?
  12. Hello everyone, I am a proud owner of a Lexus LS400 ('92) v8. I usually have no problems at all with my vehicle. But yesterday I tried to start my car, and had to try about 3 times before the engine finally started. Today, I again tried to start my car but had no luck at all. I changed out my alternator less than a year ago, and take VERY good care of the car. One thing Im concerned about is some "Power Steering" fluid that I put in my car (cuz it guzzles it up like mad). Some guy at Shell recommended it for use, and the day after is when I have been having problems. Could this be related? HELP SOMEONE!! THank you in Advance!!