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  1. I’m not sure removing the inside pillar cover would allow access. Was hoping someone could confirm that doing so would allow access before I take it all apart.
  2. Thanks - unfortunately though, the bolt that is spinning is the bolt that attaches the door check strap to the door hinge Pilar and not the door. Any advice for this dilemma?
  3. Was replacing the door moulding and weatherstripping on my ‘01 LS430 UL. Was removing the bolt for the door check on my 3rd door so that I could install the new moulding. The bolt broke loose but then just spins without loosening. I have tried wedging a screw driver between the bracket and the body panel to create tension so the bolt will spin, but no luck. Anyone else have this problem? I’m guessing the nut was tack-welded to the inside of the body panel. Can I get access to the inside of the panel with a wrench to hold it?
  4. I have a 91 LS400 which shows all the signs of a clogged solenoid screen. Per instructions earlier in this thread I've located the solenoid. However, so far I'm unable to remove it and want to be sure I'm going about this the right way as the notion of hitting any car part with a hammer and chisel is a bit disconcerting! I see the solenoid mounted on the steering rack behind the driver's side front wheel. Two wires connect to the bottom of the solenoid and, where the solenoid mounts to the rack, it appears to be attached to a thin, large-diameter hex-head nut. Is this the nut that I am meant to be tapping with a chisel and hammer? I tried this several times but the nut didn't budge at all and I've begun to score the metal quite severely. Is this thing reverse-threaded? Any pointers are appreciated. Pictures would be extremely helpful. I've checked the gallery but find no pictures of the solenoid. Thanks!
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