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  1. Hello, i am set on getting a double din tv and rear 6x9 speakers on my IS and i am planning on running the stock speakers in front and the new rears through the new head units power. Would this be complicated to do? and would the rear seats need to be removed for this to happen? is there anything specific i need that a normal audio shop wouldn't have? Thanks
  2. Well i want to install a double din tv and rear speakers on my IS300 and i am looking for some recommendations. I want a nice clean place where they know what they doing. Thanks!
  3. I know that is common for that warning light to come on when you lower and IS, but the one thing i dont know is what should i be doing to make it go away? i didnt lower my car myself, i had a shop do it for me, so i need to know specifically what to say to them tomorrow so a fast answer would be HIGHLY appreciated . Thanks
  4. Well i was wondering which ones you guys think is the best between this two brands? cuz i initially wanted to go for falken but the guy that works at this place were they sell rims and install them is recommending me nittos .....So what you guys think?
  5. I think its bad luck or what ^ he said, cuz i have done that a few times and i never had any problems ...
  6. yeah i know that auto tranny are best with turbo and also that e-shifting is fun, i was just curious cuz a friend of mine bought a 240sx that was automatic and it was converted to manual so i was curious lol ...but either way manual is more fun than pressing buttons, for me that is...
  7. Nothing in mind i was just very curious because i read somewhere that people can put a supra transmission or something on an IS and i was wondering if it was safe and simple or as complicated as putting a turbo and like how much money would it cost like an estimate.... thanks
  8. Thanks for the help, ill try doing that tomorrow.
  9. I forgot where i read that its recommended to reset the ecu when you buy the car used to than be able to make the ecu learn your own driving habits this true or not?
  10. Is there a name for that type of dome light your talking about?
  11. Well i bought a set of leds for my license plate but when i tried to put them on they are soo long that it wont allow the housings to close =\ is this normal or how did you guys make it fit or is there a set length i should know about? Heres a pic.
  12. Well in some forums they always talk about the Srt intake with the R-ecu and the combination of it with a hks drager exhaust. Now i know that this combo isnt going to make an IS beat an Evo or even come close to what FI does...but i never really heard of how fast it actually improves our cars. I know about the numbers gain but im pretty sure you cant go 100% with just numbers. If it is true that the SRT intake makes 25-30hp for our cars it seems like a very huge gain. Now if possible i would like to have a comparison on a base of a race. For example Is300 stock vs Civic SI stock, hands down SI gets that one, personally i only hang with them till 4th gear after that i get POONED. Now what if i had an Srt intake + hks exhaust, i already have that exhaust but the intake is the one thats suppose to give bigger gains. So would there be any difference? how much of a better challenge would i be?, would the SI still walk away from me easy? or if in any chance would i out perform the SI? i m just using that car as a measurement because it helps me understand easier. Srry for the series of questions lol but i was just wondering because i want to make a plan for what i would be doing next for my IS. And since i aint currently happy with the power my car has right now i wanted to know if there where any small things i could do to help it be a bit fast for the time being until i do go for turbo.
  13. PLz dont put 20s on an IS that looks horrible on them ive seen one but cant find it anymore HORRIBLE lol
  14. Put the truck in parking for a second lol, my headlights are just black satin housings, those lights are just my HIDS when they are first turned on lol, i didnt go for halos because of its troubles with water, and cold weather. As far as me having an intake no i haven't really made up my mind if i want to or not. My main problem is that my IS is slow man lol i mean is not like its slower than most of the cars out there but more like in between my friends, Civic SI, Mustang GTS, camaros, evos, a 1.8t jetta with steroids and like me with an is300 and exhaust and cant smack talk anyone, don't get me wrong i dont even try to compete with the GT or evo but more on the cars around my HP n still cant do NUTHIN lol =(. I want power but if boost is the only way than thats alot of CASH so if i where to even think about it than i would have to save alot so i dont know whats next. Im thinking Rims but than i am thinking of the SRT intake but not sure if that would even make a diff.
  15. Yes the front headlights are ACC style, as far as the back goes i think im just going to get them "tinted" or smoked w/e they call it but i aint gonna do it nasty like everyone else those and completely black it out, just a light tint that makes it look smoked just to match, Also with the fogs.
  16. Well am pretty sure i haven't posted any pictures of my car in this forums so here ya go!
  17. When i bought my car i knew it had this stains but i never thought it be hard to remove so i didnt care much about it. It looks like bird droppings where left on the car for a while and the sun did its magic, i tried washing and waxing and clay barring it and nothing. If it helps when you pass your fingers around the stain its smooth with tiny little sand paper bumps on it. Many of the car detailers i have asked about this told me that its passed the clear coat and a complete paint of the door/roof must be done and stuff but i think they just want the money, here are some pics hopefully some of you experts would help me out. ignore the "scratch like things" they just dirt from splashed rain water...
  18. Well i got my garmin gps system yesterday and since it needed to be charged i tried pluging it in my cigarette lighter and it didnt work, than i tried the other one thats located inside the compartment between the front seats and nothing as well. I have tried charging it in another car and it worked so its not the cable and i also tried using the regular lighter to see if it heats up and nothing...any suggestions on what i can do to test if its something minor before i take it to the stealership? Thanks!
  19. I can always count on you for a great answer with good information lol. I was just curious because like the supra and like the BMW m3 are both 6 cyl yet they give out alot more power so thats why i was wondering wtf happen to the IS but ya you clear that up for me lol =)
  20. Hi well we all know that the is300 isnt a speed demon car out of the factory. What is hunting me is how come the is300 doesnt give more power? i mean 215hp seems very low for a 3.0liter V6 car, it gives an average power of a 4 cylinder. doesnt the 2jz engine count for anything lol? Could it be its weight as well? just to compare it with a Honda civic Si that car i hear about its vtec that n this, but that car really aint much of a sports car neither. Only thing it has, as an advantage is its weight, so that pops my question that if the IS300 were 2980lbs it would probably be way faster correct?
  21. I agree! lowering an IS takes the whole sedan part out of its class, the body shape is more defined making it more sportish. But i wanted to get more things for my money to start off so i kinda went of the other way and got a front lip, exhaust, spoiler, headlights etc....still waiting for the parts to be delivered, hate waiting lol.
  22. The car is definitely lowered, probably with coil overs because if he afforded turbo than he had to get them lol, common sense, looks like he has an L- tuned front bumper, rims dont match the car, they too fat but if i had to take a shot at it than they are AXIS CRUX rims. As far as the grill goes i cant tell much but looks like he just put a aluminum grill nothing special there. Link to the rims (I dont recommend this site just using it as an example) if you need anything else i will be in the LAMP
  23. Yeah i regret not getting a manual is300, e-shift is fun an all but not the same thing :( , plus when u have manual seems the car is more agressive in driving which is nice.
  24. So you mean that even if the ballast look all eaten up or rusted on the outsude it could still work? i better go and test them would make it alot more easier.
  25. I think i posted here before when i tried upgrading my hids not sure. Long story short i didnt know any better bought 9006 hid KIT(guy lied saying it was D2R) with ballast lol dunno how this guy got it to fit and work, but i've been running them for a while now and after i changed my headlights to blk housings the light input had gotten worse so need a new hid set. When trying to transfer the stock ballast i couldnt get out one cable that was stuck inside the old headlights so i left it out since the hids i got screwed over with already where running on a separate ballasts. The stock ballast looked horrible all rusted and eaten by water i couldnt get the chance to test it but, till i do ill pronounce them dead =\ so i am in need of a highly recommended hid kit so this time i do get a better quality. I am in need of a set of D2R bulbs + ballasts anyone care to recommend me a good place to get some hids around $250 or better yet under i'll appreciate it. Thanks :cries:
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