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  1. Found the answer...$450 from LTuned site.
  2. Anyone know where to find the price of this piece? I know its a rare price may be up there. I already checked the TOMS japan site, but could not find that part.
  3. Just buys some tips and have it welded on...that's what I did. The tips I got looked exactly like L-Tuned tips.
  4. Try this site.... Good luck. Pete
  5. Ok....time to clean out the garage and sell excess parts I've collected over the years, but not currently sporting. Btw, wifey is elated that I'm selling. DSR Slat Carbon Fiber grill - $200 Ltuned-styled Carbon Fiber grill - SOLD Carson/UGO roof spoiler - $300 Front and Rear Lower Control Braces (LCB) - $250 for set. TOMS 6-links: $250 Tanabe Sustec Front STB: $200 (Rare) GS400 (with engine cover), GS300 (remove engine cover), GS430 (unsure). DSR Eyelids: painted (1CO) Millenium Silver....SOLD Shipping is additional. Buyer pays for all cost associated to ship. Money orders pre
  6. Just get the Carson can leave out the "L" emblem.
  7. JDM license plate relocaters are on ebay....should cost around $20
  8. Any opinions on trunk spoilers? Please post up pics.
  9. Very Stealthy looking...but it needs a drop!!
  10. Very nice job. Btw....what temp did you set the oven for?
  11. Im test fitting this 3-piece now...gotta patch the OEM holes first. :D
  12. Id just sand it down with 2000 grit...and use rubbing compound....finish with plastix finisher.
  13. replace DRL bulb with 9005 LEDs....but you will lose highbeam (if you need it).
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