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  1. I am going to change the filters and go from there. I suppose i can get them on ebay as well. Is there anthing you cannot buy on ebay? Possibly JLO?? I was hoping nobody was going to ask but after having a few cocktails I decided to mow the lawn. Well I was cleaning my trunk so my carpet was out and on the driveway enjoying the Texas sun rays. This is where the cocktails took over--I had this bright idea of cleaning the crap off of my carpet by blowing it off with the mower. This is where it gets good and I am showing a not good side of myself but it is pretty damn funny and stupid. So I ran over the carpet with the mower which is set very high. To know avail. It looked like I took it to Benihana's. What is the lesson: DO NOT CLEAN YOUR TRUNK!!!!! Thanks for the help guys. I knew I could count on you. I hope this made someone smile. I am laughing as I write it out. :D :D
  2. Hey guys, I have two small problems that I need help with. 94 Lexus LS400 1) I ran over my trunck carpet with my lawn mower and I need to replace it. 2) My A/C has a weird smell right when I turn it on. Thanks for the help!!!
  3. I repared my 94 LS with this post. I used PVC pipe as a spacer and it worked like a charm. I don't know if it is the same issue as the 97 but it was worth the effort. Be sure you cut the spacer where it is flush or it will not work. I think we cut it at an 1/8 inch and not 1/4 but I leave that for you. It works great!!!
  4. Hey guys, I am looking to change my air filter in my 94 Lexus LS 400. I had an K&N AIR FILTER in my navigator and that thing was sweet for extra power and running smoothly. I was wondering if you guys use anything on your cars that you like. K&N AIR FILTER is 47.00 and I would like to spend around that much only. Greatest forum in the world next to my gambling forum that wins me money to pay for my parts.
  5. Thanks Guys. Replaced the 4.5 with 5 1/4 Polks and it sounds great. Polks in the rear as well. Next thing is sell the Nakamichi head unit so I can replce the amp and upgrade the sub in the back.Anyone know what those units go for. Premium head unit.
  6. 36 visitors to this website?? I just replaced rotors and pads and that price sounds pretty fishy. How did you find this company?
  7. Ok guys. I have read many things in the forum about stereo's and speakers but I need to know. 94 LS 400 1) Speakers for the front---100.00 or more 2) back speakers---100.00 or more I will replace radio later and I also sub woofer Any suggestions would be great!!!!
  8. Thank You soooo much. I love this forum. I am going to fix it tomorrow.
  9. It makes a grinding sound when I try to make it go down and it goes in and out just fine so it has juice but it is does not go up and down.
  10. Guys, I got in my Lexus LS 400 94 on Tuesday and the steering wheel did not rotate down and into position so it is now stuck. What do I need to do to fix it? Driving an erected steering wheel???? Sorry about the graphic picture but guys will know what I am saying!!
  11. Thanks bro for going through the trouble of documentation. I was planning on doing that in a couple of months. You just made it easier. :whistles: :whistles:
  12. I can take some pictures of my 94 LS if you need me too. What are you trying to accomplish?
  13. I must agree with 1990. If you have the service record all the other stuff can be taken care of. I just bought mu 94 LS 400 133k for 6900.00. It had all the service records so that told me the person really cared for his Lexus. I still am replacing the front brakes and all the struts but that is secondary to the engine and tranny which is primary. All good service can make sure the Primary stuff was taken care of. Take it to a Lexus dealer and send ut through their mechanics. Cost you some diagnostic cost but 150.00 compared to the cost of the car is nothing. Good luck. :D :D
  14. Well Went to the salvage yard this weekend to find a part and I was very successful. Spent 5.00 and saved me 120.00. I felt like a kid again when me and my dad would go on saturdays hunting for parts. I miss that. Question: What do you guys look for when you go to the salvage yards? Is their a part that might be of value that the yard owners do not pull? What cars have interchangable parts with a Lexus. Mine is LS 400 94 but I was jusy wanting knowledge on what to look for. I always love to get a deal but you need to know what to look for. Does anyone go to the salvage yards?
  15. I think it will be safier and more efficient to get new ones. Where can I get those 911 pads? I am knocking this out this week and I am pumped!! Thanks for all the help. I will let you know how it all turns up.
  16. K9 The rubber booty is broken exposing the cylinder. It may be repairable. Wes
  17. Well it was worse than I thought. Where can I buy two calipers online or is it better to just go to Autozone and buy them? That was a bummer to have bad calipers!!
  18. Thanks guys!! hey if we didn't have a little Testosterone flowing around here it would not be the guys getting together. I learned everything I needed about the O/d and ETc. Thanks to all those who contributed. Conflict is a good thing if we can all walk away still on the same Lexus team. Thanks again guys!!
  19. Can you run your car in ETC or will it be hurtful to keep it on? When do you run in over drive and when do you not? I kind of like the extra power it gives but I want to run my car where I get the best wear on my car so I did not know what is the best way to run. Thanks guys!!!
  20. Low rider. i have a 94 LS as well. What color of wood grain did you pick?
  21. Guys I am new to this Lexus driving since I have had my 94 LS 400 for 2 weeks. I have been playing today and found out about the ETC Power button. Can anyone tell me (Besides what is in the manual) what this really does. I also was checking out the difference between O/D on and off. WOW My RPM can jump almost 1000 when I switch this on. Call me a newby but I loved it. Anyway, Do you guys drive with these things on or off and why and what difference does it make. Just curious. Wes
  22. UCF, What is Autobacs? I can't seem to find the racing version for the LS. Damn this Lexus world of fine parts can get confusing. So many options and not enough cars to try them on.
  23. I missed those free brake pads with Rotors. Where did you see that?
  24. K9, Thanks for the help. If i go with the stillen then I will go with their pads as well. Not sure. Those stainless steels look nice but i did not see Lexus on the make area. That concerns me. So I am thinking of trying your power stops and those 911 pads. Where can I get those pads from. How long can you expect those rotors to last and what kind of warranty do they have? I cannot wait too see my car when I have those new rotors on and painted. It will be Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! :whistles: :whistles: :whistles:
  25. Stillen Are these camium covered? I like the no rust.
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