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  1. You might want to lower the driver's window so you don't lock yourself out by accident. With the ignition in the ON position: 1) Take a seat inside the car next to the problem window/door. 2) Open the door. 3) Depress the window switch (as if to open the window). 4) While depressing the window switch, use your other hand to slam the door shut. The window should now function normally. 5) Repeat step 4 with more force if the window doesn't open. This remedy worked for me more than once; there is a TSB to install a spacer, though I am unsure of the details.
  2. For a new, genuine navigation DVD ($200): New navigation DVDs are released near the end of every year. The 2002 ES 300 uses a Generation 2/3 DVD (be sure to specify that when you're ordering/searching for one). The most recent version as of April 2010 is version 9.1. You can try your luck with eBay, but no guarantees on the longevity of home-burnt DVDs, especially if you're parking your car under the sun. As far as the music information banner - that only pops up when you change the radio function (ie using TUNE to change stations or changing from FM to DISC) or when you change tracks on a CD. This is how it has always worked on my 2002. Pressing INFO always brings up the selection screen (calendar, maintenance, screen transition, etc). If you want music information to be displayed, press AUDIO (remember to turn off the screen transition).
  3. For your rear driver's side window - I had a similar experience. See my reply to an earlier post for a fix: I wasn't very clear in my procedure when I wrote that, but of course you want to sit inside the car so you can slam the door shut AND hold the window switch down at the same time. Don't do it from the driver's door, but rather do it from the door with the problem. As far as your passenger side rear window coming back down after closing: it sounds like the mechanism for the auto-reverse safety feature is malfunctioning. The windows will automatically back down if it detects resistance (as if something were caught). I'm not sure of a fix for that... Perhaps the gear has slipped, causing the mechanism to think that the window seal is higher than it actually is. Try opening the window all the way without using the auto feature, then closing it without using the auto feature. Then try opening/closing completely with the auto feature.
  4. With the ignition on, try using the switch. After the window fails to open, go to the door with the malfunctioning window and look at the green light on the switch. Is it illuminated at all? If it is, then it is receiving power, at the very least. Is it flashing? I'm not too sure what the different flashing sequences indicate, but at least it could be a start to diagnosing the problem.
  5. The rear passenger-side window stopped working for me as well. I could hear the clicking noise when the switch was operated, but the window would not budge. I noticed that the light on the switch would blink twice, in a cyclic fashion. Following instructions posted elsewhere in this forum, I placed the ignition in the ON position, opened the door with the problem window, pressed down on the switch, then slammed the door shut while holding the window button down. This fixed the problem for me. I think the shock of the door being closed kicks something inside the door back into alignment. Not what I expected from Lexus, but it's an easy fix, so... Apparently there is a TSB out for installing a spacer of some sort to prevent this problem from occurring, but I'd rather just live with the quirk.
  6. I usually have it set to the 2nd notch from sport, unless the road gets bumpy, at which point I set it to the 3rd notch. The 4th notch (comfort) makes me feel like I'm bouncing around all over the place. If I'm going into a 270° freeway offramp or going over speed bumps, I'll dial it down to the 1st notch to keep the car more level. Whether or not the suspension settings actually improve handling is up for grabs, but I like how it changes the feel of the car more than anything else.
  7. While on the main navigation screen, tap the compass once (top left corner). Done :D