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  1. Hi friends, i have a 99 ls400 with about 67,000mile, notice for past couple of weeks, sometime when i want to start it nothing happen, then retry and she starts right away, it only happen every once in a while, but most time it starts on first turn of key. Anyone know what it is? thanks, An
  2. $270 !!! unheard of from Shop for a Lexus, please double,triple check what a bargain if it is true, make sure it is the complete job. wow!!!!!!!! AN
  3. hi all, thanks for all the inputs, he went ahead and replace the alt. he is afraid of getting stranded again, lets see if this will solve his problem, or perhaps he is not driving it long enough to recharge his battery. thanks again, An
  4. hi a friend has a 97 ls400, not sure if alternator is bad or just weak, check at autozone show 13.2V the guy said need to replace should have read at least 14V. He replaced new battery twice, he had to jump start car yesterday, he said he drives only 2x a week around 2-3 miles. I think he should replace alternator what do you members think? thanks An
  5. recently took a 1000 mile road trip, amazing what MPG i got. I have a 99 ls with about 61000 miles, recently did the 60k service. took a road trip, i first fill the tank to max. then drove until i need refill, amazing it got to 464 miles when my gas lights came on, i think i could push until 500 miles but didn't want to take the chance so i exit the freeway and refill. How many v8 out there can get such miles on a tank, let a lone being a world class motor. Amazing machine, the ls is hands down the best mpg for v8, reliability and class, its legendary. AN
  6. thats a rare find, i jump at it, but tried to bring it down, if they refuse to bring it down, possible negotiate for some work to car. WOW!! 91 with 45k on odometer unheard of. probably one of the lowest mileage Ls for 91 in USA. don't let this one slip by, hope its the pearl white i think its a timeless classic in pearl white. An
  7. hi Lexusa, congraulation on deciding on the lexus LS series it is legendary, no other car on the market drives like these the smoothness and durablility is top notch. the 98-00 are very nice, my favorite body style, its a classic, there are a lot of them out there with very decent price, make sure you find one with good maintenace record most important, don't let the mile scare you, stay away from navaigation on these 98-00. make sure you find one you like, don't just buy it. craiglist is good start. goodluck on your search. the guys and gals on this boards are very helpful, feel free
  8. hi Pinkee, i use premium on mine, there is a huge debate on this topic, just do a search and you can read all about and decide what you do. I personally did a couple of trial on mine on regular notice a decrease in MPG about 2 gallions and a little different on acceleration. In the long run i don't know. but I use premium on mine, it is after all a world class engine if not these most efficient and duralble v8 engine ever produce. One of the top dog of all engine, after my trial i wouldn't use anything less than 91 octane. An
  9. Pinkee, I said Do it and change the timing belt, just to have a piece of mind since you commute to the bay area often, the worst scenero is to have it go on you on 80 west. If it does break your motor is gone, i know its sucks but part of owning a luxury car. Just for the age i would change because rubbers do cracks, just my 2 cents. I have a 99Ls, change my serpentine belts becaue it had some cracks possible from heat, it can probably go for another 15-20k mile, but like you i commute often, and knowing that it can breaks and leave my stranded is not worth that headache and worry, i plan
  10. thanks for posting, nice ad, still looks very nice after all these years An
  11. i Have a 99 ls400 with 59,600 mile, just did the 60k service cost $545, i think its worth it, they change a lot of things, oil change, transmission,brake fluid, air filter,ac filter, rotate all four tires,rubber wiper blade x2,, gasket fuel tank,fuel treatment, replace differential oil, lubricate drive shaft bearing, top off all fluids, safety checks on all compartment, a free car loaner lexus I pick the IS350, a free car wash. I would pay a little extra knowing the job is done right, just a piece of mind. if you take to independent shop, just think of all the inconvience, you would have t
  12. Hi everyone, does anyone know of a good lexus mechanics or shop besides the dealers to take their LS in for service in the Sacramento area in california? thanks An
  13. hi all, i have a 99 ls400 the 60k is coming up, lexus charges $1400 for the service which is mostly just changing all the fluids, is it necessary to take it to lexus or can it be done at a good mechanic place? any thoughts or opinon is grateful.
  14. The 99 ls400, is there any common problem for this year, anything to look for in particular about this model year. thanks An
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