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  1. I usually get 20mpg with 50/50 highway city driving, about 24mpg mostly highway. As long as the car drives well, who cares? Maybe there was slight reprogramming of the ECU.
  2. All SC400s need Toyota T-IV fluid. The SC300 until around 97 or so required plain old Dexron-III (ie. Mobil 1 Synth ATF). Make sure you use the correct ATF. I have a 1993 SC300 and I use Mobil 1 synth ATF for regular drain a fills about once a year.
  3. No way to connect the stock CD changer to anything. Why would you want to keep the stock changer? If you have an aftermarket headunit, might as well upgrade the CD changer to something that doesn't skip and take 10 seconds to change discs! There were some adapter out there that would make aftermarket CD changers work with the stock head unit, but they worked iffy at best.
  4. The Borlas are pretty sweet if you plan on keeping most of your internals stock (ie. not planning on going turbo on the 300 anytime soon). At idle, they sound stock, with a slightly deeper rumble. At WOT, especially if you have an intake or done the BFI mod, you'll be surprised at the growl. Nice and deep. I really can't imagine going with a louder exhaust on this car... I think it would detract a bit from it being a Lexus.
  5. It's all or nothing. If you already have the CD changer, all the plugs are the same, but you must replace the Nak head unit and amp and subwoofer or else it won't work. CD changer is the same and the other speakers are the same and will work... although if you go to the trouble of swapping out to the Nak, do yourself a favor and swap the speakers, too.
  6. I think that is the general consensus. The thing is you can get better speakers and sound from a good woofer and amp than from the powered sub units. My recommendation is a sealed box with a strong amp... good tight bass. I'm not a big fan of the bass tubes. awesome SPLs but very muddy sound. Not something you'd want from a Lexus IMHO.
  7. You need to have the Nak headunit and amp. CD changer is the same. You'll also need the Nak sub. Your Pioneer premium sub runs at 1 Ohm. The Nak is MUCH heavier and runs at 5 Ohm. To get the best results, you should also replace the speakers. The Pioneer and Nak speakers are different, although I would just go decent aftermarkets all around. If you can get the headunit, amp and sub for less than $300, I think it would be a good upgrade. For speakers, I recommend Bostons.
  8. Naah, no chirps, honks, or beeps in a 93...
  9. A 93 SC300 auto uses regular old Dexron, not Toyota Type-IV.
  10. The 6 disc changer from the ES plugs right in, no soldering, splicing, or anything else.
  11. The speakers are 4" all around and a 10" subwoofer. In the rear deck, though, the 4" sit in a plastic pod. If you remove the pod with the paper wizzer they put there, I've heard of people dropping 6.5" in there without a problem. I haven't done it yet, so I don't know the exact size of the opening.
  12. For the SC300, stick with the Dexron family. That's what is recommended, that's what you should use. If you're talking about different types of Dexron ATF... I've used the Mobil 1 synthetic ATF and Valvoline MaxLife dino oil ATF. Both are Dexron II/III compatible oils. It seems to shift a little bit smoother with the Valvoline. I've been using their MaxLife motor oil and the valve sounds seem to have diminished a bit also. Change your tranny oil often...
  13. Anyone know where I can buy the rubber shock boot covers for the SC300? I am installing Bilsteins... I would prefer getting the light blue ones for the Bilsteins. Any suggestions? I've tried to local retail outlets, no one seems to have anything...
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