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  1. I have 217,000 kms. on my LS400 and the car is still tight and rattle free. Bumps in the road are transmitted more harshly than I would like. The shocks/struts are not leaking, and manual check of rebound on each fender seems fine. Has anybody experience with replacement of shocks/struts and suspension rubber bushes either with OEM parts or aftermarket Thanks for the input Alan Toronto
  2. My 93 LS400 suffered from "Instrument Cluster Blackout" in cold weather, with some needles partially burnt out. Thanks to Jim Walker in Fresno for a speedy and affordable repair. Everything was done as Jim said it would be. Response to emails was prompt and turnaround was about 2 days. US /Canada Customs clearing took 5 days. with a similar problem Alan Morris P.Eng., Toronto
  3. Hi Jim, My 93 LS 400 has Instrument cluster blackout when cold but comes on after 20 minutes or so. Also has outermost section of the tach needle blacked. Dealer says its a " lighting computer" that can be replaced cost $2000 parts only plus labour! Please help - how do I get a copy of Jim Walker/motjebben replacement procedure? Alan Morris
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