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  1. I am so thankful to you guys coz my 05 LS430 developed the same creaking sound and it was so annoying. The cabin used to be so quiet but the sanctuary was lost after rear left door/window seemed to be creaking. I bought some silicone spray yesterday and geneously applied to the door rubber and window seals and the creaking is all gone. I am so :) . Now i wonder was it the door or the window or both. I suspect it was the window. Will see if it develops again and try to narrow it down to door or window. Thanks once again.
  2. I have a 2005 LS 430 with 25K miles. It has heated/cooled seats which seem to work but not as I would expect them too. The heating part if fine I guess because it uses electric filament and no fan or air. I say this because the fan in seat turns off when you move the knob to heater position. The problem is seat cooling. I have cleaned the seat filters thoroughly and still no good. They feel a little cooler after 10 minutes but then it feels the same again. I checked fuses and the fan and they all are fine. You can hear the seat fan running and you turn it on. I am not happy with them. I drove
  3. It happens every morning and the car will sit overnight in the parking garage. The slope is towards the left side and very little one. I would say may be 3-5 degrees. The car does not sit more than 12 hours at night. I have a feeling its related to my oil change to Mobil 1. But this noise stays for 10 minutes and vanishes completely when engine is warm. It comes back again if the car sits for 5 hours like in my office and does not cool down completely. I use OEM Toyota filter. The one that ends in D3. It has Mobil 1 5w-30 in it now. It does not seem to be an injector problem as i dont move the
  4. I have a 2005 LS430 that i bought a month ago. it has 25K miles. I switched from dino oil to Mobil 1 at last oil change. I recently noticed an engine noise which comes when engine is cold and goes away when its warm. Its not loud but it is annoying to me. The noise is like "shook shook shook shook" and seems like something to do with a bearing or pulley on low Rpm when cold. It goes away magically when engine is warm. It is more noticable in parking garage or when windows open. I tried turning AC on and off thinking its compressor but to no avail. I hate this noise and i know its not Lexus li
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