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  1. ::sigh:: That is pretty much the conclusion I've come to as well. I am going to be in law school there for 3 years (mostly during the winters!), and I can't really have two cars. So, I guess I'll sell my SC430 and get some sort of 4 wheel drive vehicle. :( Thanks, everyone, for helping me to make my mind up!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Actually, I'm so ignorant I didn't even consider that I could put snow tires on the car! I have already had to replace the run-flats once (ouch, that's expensive!). Still, I love the car. ::swaying in indecision::
  3. Thanks, everyone. Yes, actually, I do own the Passport 8500 and I agree that it's a great detector. And, I've looked at the "clip-over-the rearview" option, but I just don't care for it (thanks, anyway!). What I was really hoping to find was an option (as I've said, I've seen it) where the detector is installed as an integral part of the existing rearview mirror. That way, it's mounted as high in the car as practical and is invisible to others. It also had some nice features, similar to the Passport. But, I've not been able to track it down! If I come across it, I'll post a message.
  4. I have a 2002 SC430, which I love. I know a guy who also has one, but he has a radar detector built into the rearview mirror. The guy who did it for him is no longer in business. Has anyone else ever seen these, and has any information on how I can get the same thing? Thanks!
  5. I have a 2002 SC430 and for the past year and a half have driven it in the balmy sub-tropics of Florida. However, I will be moving to Ann Arbor Michigan for the next 3 years. Everyone tells me I should trade it in for a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I love my car and am loathe to give it up! Does anyone have any experience driving it in the snow? How does it handle? What should I look out for? Are the tires ok for the snow? Thanks! Denise Brogan
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