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  1. Very true. I bought a Lexus for a reason so don't realy wanna copy a Bimmer just cause its cool. Besides, I found pics of someone's installation online and it looks like a pain in the !Removed!! I'll probably just do the calipers and then just enjoy the car and not keep messing w/ it! :-) Thanks again for the honest opinion guys! B)
  2. I have another question but thought I'd start another post since its completely different that my previous post. I saw a picture of an IS w/ the Halo headlights such as the BMW's have. It looked pretty cool. I searched for that topic on here and couldn't find anything. What is everyone's opinion? Has anyone installed these on their car? How easy is it or should it be professionally done? Attatched are the pics that I found although I forget where i came across these.
  3. Thanks for the tips guys. The more I think about it, I do think that the red is a bit "ricer." Now I just have to decide if I want Silver or Black and what color or lettering. Each would look great w/ the opposite color of lettering but both would look cool w/ red lettering. Not sure why i'm so stuck on red though. lol. Thanks for the link Lazar. That is very helpful! I'll definitely post pics when i get around to doing it. Also, here is a link to the Caliper paint that I found on Tirerack.com http://www.tirerack.com/brakes/g2/caliper_paint.jsp
  4. Hey Everyone, I just got an '07 350 a month ago. Its Smokey Granite Mica w/ a Grey Interior. It has the 18" rims. I am considering painting my brake calipers. The first color that comes to mind is red but I just wanted to get everyone's opinion. I think it might look really cool and sporty but on the other hand it might look a bit overdone since I don't have any of the body packages on except for the rear spoiler. I'm also open to suggestions for different colors as well. What do you all think? I attatched a couple pics of my car to share as well. It was raining so they aren't the best quality but I live in Portland so I guess thats just normal! :-)
  5. Thanks for the response. I still don't know where I find out which version of the Nav I have. I don't wanna buy an upgrade for it if it turns out that I already have the upgrade. Is it somewhere in one of the menus on the nav system it's self?
  6. Hey Everyone, I have been looking at this beautiful car for over a year and finally got a 350 last week. It is an '07 in the Smokey Granite Mica w/ the Grey Interior. It has the Luxury pkg w/ Nav and I love it!!! It is pre-owned w/ with about 15K miles. I found it online at Lexus of Sacramento. I live in Portland OR and did most of the transaction over the phone. The sales guy was awesome and drove the car 5 hrs to the Oregon border to meet us so that we could take pocession of it and have it registered in OR. I've had it for 5 days and have already tinted the windows and ordered the rear lip spoiler. I wanted the windows at 35% all the way around but due to a miscommunication I ended up with 20%. It's darker than legal but looks great so I think I'll leave it unless I get a ticket. B) The questions I have are the following; LPS settings, Headlight sensitivity... I know that the settings are from 1-5 and the factory setting is 3. Does anyone know how to change this? I would like it set to a 1 but can't figure it out. I need to call the dealer but am not sure they will change the setting for me since its pre-owned, and I didn't buy it from the dealership here in Portland. Nav system... How do I figure out which verson of the Nav I have? Do I have to remove the face and look at the disc or is there a screen that tells me. Also, I found the override for the nav system but do I really have to do this everytime I start the car? Thanks in advance!
  7. I'm getting close to getting my IS and I am trying to decide btwn a new or used. If I bus used, there's a chance I'll purchase it from a private party rather than from a dealer. I understand that when you purchase a new IS from a dealer, they progam a few personal setting into the car for you. What all are these setting and are they something I can do myself when I get it home? If I am to buy my IS from a dealer, will any dealer (ie Acura or BMW) set up these options or is it just Lexus Dealers that can do this? Thanks Scorpiof9fa
  8. I think I will end up getting the Blue with the Sterling interior. It does seem next to impossible to find the black leather and so i'm sure if a dealer got his hands on one of those they'd be less likely to give me a good deal than on a more common combination. What is everyone's opinion on the Sterling leather w/ the Metallic trim vs. the Wood trim? The metallic trim is nice but my last car was a Mazda6 and it had a very similar trim. Although I don't mind the metallic look, I think the wood accent seems classier. Meesha - If I buy a new car I'll probably get it from Lexus of Portland. That is the only Lexus dealership in the area. If I end up getting a used one then I may expand my search a bit even if I have to drive a few hrs to bring it home.
  9. Hello Everyone, I've been following this forum for several months now and am getting closer to getting my IS. I plan on getting a 350 in Breakwater Blue. I thinks it looks really slick w/ dark window tint. Does anyone have or has anyone seen this car w/ the Black interior? You can build it on Lexus.com w/ the black but all I have ever seen is cars w/ the light grey. Does anyone have this color combination or a picture of it? Thanks
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