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  1. Bump with new price 350 for 2 plus shipping, just shipped to LA from SF only cost 16 bucks.
  2. Moderators, I tried posting in the Buy/Sell, but it wouldn't let me post. Please move to Buy/ Sell I have a pair of Michelin 285/30/19 available. They are brand new and have never been mounted. Selling them for $200 EACH, they were originally sold for about 300 to 350 each. I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area if anybody wants to come and pic them up, or I can ship as well. The reason, I went with a different size wheel, so I need to sell these. My email is Jon
  3. My fellow Bay Areans need to represent with the SCs 18s 19s 20s all work if you do it right The red Vertex soarer rolls on 18s, I saw it @ D1. 255 in front, I forgot the back. But if you get the right offset, your car will look sick. If you want looks go with 19s or 20s, 20s are a bit touchy, you can either have a big hit or big miss on them. If you do go big, chrome might be too much bling or shine. I think 19s are the way to go. Deep dish, SCs carry them very well.
  4. I would pass on those Kazeras, they look ricey. I'd go 19s, deep dish, nice silver or polish. How about 20s??? I like these SSR professors, I wanted these. Nice huh!!!
  5. I only have the right side available. I'll probably be selling it. Maybe someone can help me here, I can't seem to PM or email anybody. Did I do something incorrectly when I was doing my profile. axis8758 email me
  6. Hey Guys, Iam doing a taillight conversionfrom a 95 to 97 &up. I was looking on Lexuspros and they had a conversion module, is this truly necessary or could I just tap or splice? Is this just so that the install looks clean? Thanks
  7. Actually I have the ECU and the motor, those are fine, but there are 4 other plugs that go to the side of the car that powers everything else. So i probably have to get the Soarer bible, i have heard of it. But I figured I might be able to find it online, you know free. :D
  8. Hey thanks for the reply, much appreciated. Do you know of any other sites like the one? I actually need a more detailed Soarer ECU diagram, the one that tells you what each pin is for. The 1JZ diagram that they have there is actually for the Supra 1JZ.
  9. Hey fellas, I'm working on a 1JZ swap and working on the wiring next. I need a wiring diagram so I can put the 1JZ motor in my SC. I wanted to email some of the guys on the forum, but it wouldn't let me. Any help would be great. Thanks
  10. I thought I'd add some comments. I installed a Panasonic indash DVD pull out screen in my SC. I am also using an ipod in it. the TV tuner for the panasonic had2 vtr inputs, so i hooked it up with a Y adapter and voila. I used a pocket kit that you can buy at goodguys or circuit city or any audio place. The kit was actually from my old car which was an Infiniti, when I looked at the kit instructions, it had adapters for Nissan, Toyota, Honda. So I screwed the pocket in on top, then the deck on the bottom tier. But then you have a gap of 1/2 din under, the only downside. But it's a pretty si
  11. The reason why Teins are so popular is because they've had more advertising and marketing support than JICs or Zeals. I spoke to a guy in the San Francisco area that distributes JIC, a customer had a problem, the welds came apart and JIC wouldn't replace it, they said it was due to aggresive driving. Come on. They are now distributing Zeals, which are in my opinion are much better that Teins or JIC. Rides much better that both. Just my opinion.
  12. Another thing that I thought, since our SCs are factory amplified, I'm not sure you can just buy any speaker and replace it, because the factory amp and speaker have different ohms. Kind of like the Bose systems. You might have to do a whole system replacement, which is what I did. But to conclude 6 1/2" fit.
  13. I've installed a system in my SC and I was able to put a 6 1/2" Coaxial in the rear deck. I installed a Pioneer TSG1647, it's specially made to fit GM & Infiniti 6 3/4" I then bent the connectors down a bit so they won't touch. The other thing you have to do is drill holes for the screws, as there are no existing holes that you can just put them into. I drilled from under and angled the screw in. for the fronts, I installed a 6 1/2" Nakamichi, these wouldn't fit in the back because of the basket. But there's a whole lot of room up front to put them in, you just have to remove the whole sp
  14. Our cars ride well because of the nice suspension, if you roll with 18's and keep the stock suspension. I don't think it would be that bad. It's when you lower your car that changes a lot of the aspects of a good ride. I lowered my car with a spring I got from Japan, I think the drop was about 3 inches, at least. The car is Slammed and I have the stock 16" wheels and it rides rough as you'd expect, and I'm planning on putting 19s soon, well hopefully. Basically it all depends what you want, I want the look, so I pay for it. But surprisingly, it rides well on slightly bumpy roads & freew
  15. You know you can buy 18s for a little bit more and it would make your car look ten times better than the 17s. I also suggest getting a staggered setup, but I don't think they make ADRs that way though. If you're looking for something in that $ range, Axis has some nice ones, Ebay has a ton of stuff. I'm waiting for some good deals on tires, I found some rears, still looking for fronts. Patience is a virtue.
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