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  1. I have the '06 GS-430 and mine does the same thing. It isn't the iphone though. Mine did that with the Samsung Blackjack also. It's annoying, but it really doesn't cause a problem in terms of functionality. After the 3-4 second buzz goes away, it works just fine. I've learned to ignore it...
  2. I had a similar problem with my '06 GS-430. Had to jump it once and it started fine for the next few days. Left me stranded once more so I bought a new battery. Problem solved...
  3. If you're going to keep the car a while, it might be a good program. My GS430 is on it's 4th set of tires in 80,000 miles. Of course, it came with some, so I've replaced the tires 3 times and I'm about to have to change them again. Each time I replace the tires, I spend around $800 - $1000 all in. And, I've had my rims repaired once (wife rubbed them up against a curb...). If I could go back and pay for such a program, I would - depending on some of the good points made earlier (e.g. what tires are included, what are labor costs for installation, etc...) but then again, I've driven my car
  4. Update here... Nobody responded but I thought I'd post an update in case anybody else runs into this... I found some info on this forum for similar problems with some LS and RX models. They all pointed to a faulty ride height sensor that is attached to the rear axle. Since I just had my rear struts replaced, which so happen to also be connected to the rear axle...I thought I'd take it back to the shop and have them check the ride height sensor. Problem solved... When the rear struts are removed, the rear axle dangles. When it dangles, it pulls down on the actuator arm that is attached t
  5. Guys - I really need some help here. My rear struts needed to be replaced and I didn't want to take it to the dealer - I thought I might save a few bucks going somewhere else - how hard can it be to replace struts...? So after the shop finishes with the struts, while I'm waiting on the car, they tell me they're having trouble resetting the AFS system. Eventually, I learn that the problem they're having is that the AFS OFF light is blinking. You can turn AFS OFF on the drop down panel left of the steering wheel. But the manual indicates that if the light is blinking then the system has f
  6. Sucker punched? More like Donkey Punched! I assume you don't have the air suspension setup? "I don't see them as options for strut replacements". Go to Drill down to your car, 'rear suspension' ~ 'components' ~ 'struts'.... $204 a piece. I assume these are probably the correct ones, as they only list one type. And at $200 a pop anyway, I would have to assume they're "adaptive". Buy them online, take them to an indi mechanic to install. Probably $600 out the door "$400 for parts, $200 for install for both". I'm not sure I'd be comfortable ordering these...When you call
  7. My '06 GS-430 has just under 80,000 miles. The rear end is really soft, rides rough, rear tires are cupping, and the car seems to bottom out on bumps, especially if I'm making a left turn when I hit a dip (i.e. turning into my driveway). Tire guy says it needs new struts. After calling around, it looks like this is going to be somewhere between $900 and $1400 depending on where I take it. The struts are Lexus dealer only - no third party equivalents seem to be available. Has anyone had this experience? Are struts serviceable or do they have to be replaced. Am I getting sucker-punched he
  8. The center channel is too loud when you have the system in surround mode. The ML system is capable of 7.1 surround sound which has little value unless you're parked and watching a DVD in the Nav screen. For radio or CD music, turn the surround function off. Radio and CD music is in stereo (2 channel) only, so when you apply the digital 7.1 processing to the 2 channel signal, the system tries to emulate surround. With surround mode turned off, the 2 channel stereo sounds just fine.
  9. I have the ML system in an 06 GS430. Previously, I had the Bose system in a Cadillac CTS. Both are nice. The Bose system had more adjustability to suit your personal preference on sound characteristics. The ML system has few user adjustable options - but still sounds really good as it is. I've heard the difference between the standard system and the ML upgrade is substantial. But the difference in the Bose and ML systems is not significant enough that it factor into my choice of car.
  10. I had this problem with my original Dunlop run flats at about 20K miles. I discovered the issue when I actually had a flat and took it in to be repaired. The tire repair guy couldn't fix it because of excess wear on the inner edge, which I would never have noticed just looking at it from the outside. I replaced those tires with regular (non-run flat) tires. They lasted about 30K but they wore evenly - normal wear on soft speed rated tires - which I considered to be relatively normal. I'm now on my 3rd set of tires at roughly 65K miles. I drive pretty aggressively, I think. After experie
  11. Mine has all three. I think they were a single package feature. When you look at the car again, you'll know. The Mark Levinson logo will appear on the face of the head unit just below the CD-change load slot.
  12. No, nothing new. I've let it go and have just lived with it. I've thought about having after-market chrome applied. Not sure if that's a good idea, but it can't look worse... In any case, the problem persists for now...
  13. It depends on the driver. They're either like you say, or wont get out of their own way lol Why I find it ironic is already pretty well documented in my original and subsequent posts. Since it seems like I keep having to repeat myself for you to actually read and comprehend my it is again: "fuel efficiency and performance are, for the most part, mutually exclusive. And that the decision to buy the higher performing (and yes..higher priced) GS430 typically means fuel efficiency is a less important variable to the buyer. Otherwise, with the GS line, there are more fuel
  14. No, that's not what I said. THIS is what I said: "I find it a bit ironic to be discussing gas mileage for a car in this price range and that offers this type of performance. On the other hand, since I use premium gas at almost $4/gallon, I admit I've been paying attention to the mileage myself lately." I don't make the assumption that you accuse "people" of making. If you insist on miscontruing my comments, at least quote me correctly, please.
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