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  1. Like what? I don't see any listing of improvements. Specifically, does anyone know what has changed from the '07 460? (other then the availability of AWD, which I plan on getting).
  2. In fact, I did inadvertently have one of those options selected, and unselecting it did clear up that problem. Nonetheless, it still seems amazing that it would be programmed to send me WEST on the Penn. Turnpike (a major freeway) for about 80 miles when I needed to go EAST!
  3. A few thoughts about the GPS. Another other thread has folks complaining about being "locked out" of the GPS while driving. They say they need to pull over "to enter the destination." That's kind of ironic, since the 460 allows for voice recognition -- while driving -- yet in 6 pages not one person mentioned it. It's not a perfect system, as you'll see in a moment, but you are definitely NOT locked out of the GPS the way you were with earlier models. (I'm referring here only to the GPS, not the other functions that do get locked out.) I've used the voice recognition system several times. In
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