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  1. I'm not looking at a specific car, I'm basing the year I'm looking for on the Blue Book value and what I can realistically afford... I'm attracted to these cars because of the performance. However it will be a daily driver and I need a rock-solid ride... thanks T
  2. I'm seriously tempted by the 99 GS400. But I need a bulletproof car. Is a GS400 a good bet? Any trouble spots to check during purchase? Thanks Thaddeus
  3. Sometimes automatic transmission cars will behave like that if one cylinder isn't firing. Make sure the car is in tune.
  4. Hi, I am looking to replace my wife's old Volvo 740 and I am seriously thinking about buying an LS400, probably a 98 or 99, hopefuly with no more than 60K miles. I have some questions: (1) Are the bodies on these cars galvanized? i live in the salty north and I'll never buy a car again that isn't. (2) What regular maintenance should be done on these cars at around that range? tranny flush? timing belts? Other? What are the costs of these? (3) Is ther anything on these cars that is typical to go out? I've read some other posts and read some stuff about 90-94, are the 98-99's subject to any d
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