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  1. R, I've got one. Shoot me an email. Thanks Ken
  2. Hey guys, Parting out a 1993 lexus es300. I have EVERYTHING on the car...the only thing that i have sold are the projection headlights and the antenna. If you need ANYTHING for a 92-96 lexus, shoot me an email. I accept paypal, too. Thanks, Ken croisetiere
  3. Selling a pair of matching oem projector headlights that will fit a lexus 92-96. Its good to get the complete pair so that if you only replace one, there is a chance that one will be slightly more clear than the other one, making it noticable. These headlights are very clear, All the mounting tabs are intact, complete with mounting hardware(3 bolts per headlight) and the bulbs are included as well. I am selling the Pair for $350/obo. If you are interested, you can email me at Thank you :D
  4. what is your interior color? do you have an automatic or a manual? I have all of these parts, my interior color is similar to a burgandy or dark maroon, I think that the lexus name for the interior color is mauve. Email is thanks :D
  5. I've got a left side Tail Light off of my '93 lexus that I'm selling for parts. I'm about to list the tail lights on ebay, but I can sell you the drivers side for $125, plus shipping(shouldn't be more than $10 including shipping insurance). Let me know what you want to do. Payment could be made through paypal(preferred) or cashiers check or money order. My sellers ID on eBAY is Kross5000 so you can see that my seller history is legitimate. Thanks a lot. Ken Croisetiere
  6. Hey Guys, Recently blew up my '93 ES300. I am parting it out. Right Now I am Selling the Seats, both Front and Rear, for $400. The Drivers Seat has medium wear, Passengers seat is in darn good condition, and rear Seat is in great condition too aside from a small tear on the top of the seat on a seam where the leather got dry from a previous owner and split about 2 1/2". The color is Taupe(not tan, almost a light maroon type color). I am about to put these on ebay, but wanted to test out this awsome forum first. Any Serious inquiries and I can definitely post pictures. EMAIL- Kros
  7. well, I checked the intake pipe one more time for cracks, did not find any. It could possibly be the mass air flow sensor. but, it's not an issue anymore. Was driving the car the other day, lost oil pressure, drove it for about 1/2 mile to get it off the highway, and drained the oil when I got it towed home and found very very small metal particles in the oil. My dad thinks that the engine is toast, hes pretty knowledgeable about this. The car still starts up fine, a little smoke at the start up for about 10 sec. and there is a small knock coming from the engine compartment. I'm about t
  8. Thanks lex3486, i've checked the intake hose. I'm assuming that the sensor that you were refering to is the one directly after the air filter. I did check that hose, and i didn't seem to see any cracks. I completely removed it and checked the underside, too. When i start on a hill, it will completely lose power when i stomp it hard, and won't regain power unless i ease off the gas. I haven't tried it in reverse though. A friend of mine suggested a speed sensor. Any idea on how often those go bad??? and if this would cause the problems i've been having? Or is it more likely that there
  9. Ok, heres the problem guys. 1993 es300. 180k miles. Under hard accelleration from a complete stop, I get a total loss of power. Engine idles fine, does not overheat. Looked at spark plugs, and they appeared to be in good condition, but I can't be positive. They were replaced recently. If the car is in neutral, and I hit the gas hard, the engine runs fine, gets up to high rpms very quickly, with no loss of power. Recently had the complete fuel system cleaned, where they dump the chemicals into the gas tank and i believe the throttle body. Still no fix. Stumped...any suggestions would
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