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  1. i dont have a clue about price; id have to know how much materials cost you to give you an accurate price. what do mean by a little modification? some grinding of the edges (assuming you use stainless steel instead of plastic)? hole punching/drilling?
  2. why would you need it at any other point other than wot? who races at half-throttle?
  3. if the intake is very well engineered, then why do people report such great gains from doing the bfi? you have to be on crack to think the exhaust system is very well engineered. the damn thing is press bent, has pipes pressed together to merge them into a single pipe, and the manifold is absolute crap with one pipe coming in at a 90 degree angle. every thing else is quite well, though.
  4. so has anybody seen any performance increases?
  5. anybody used one for their sc4? did you see any performance gains by leaning it out at wot? how big?
  6. why not the 92? its the lightest. btw, that mechanic is totally trying to screw you over mainly because he thinks you dont know jack *BLEEP* about cars since you mentioned a luxury car. just take it to a friend who knows what hes doin.
  7. told ya a "bfi store" would be an easy way to make money for somebody who can make quality bfi's quick and easy.
  8. is the sc3's air box and air intake track the same as the sc4's?
  9. the 1 psi of boost that the eram makes would actually make the af ratio closer to being the ideal 1:14.7, since almost everybody who owns an sc4 knows that the 1uzfe runs rich at wot.
  10. the electric supercharger i linked only comes on at wot and taps into the battery instead of the alternator. it never needs to be recharged. you fellers should really read everything on the site; i thought that it was just another ebay hunk of *BLEEP* until i read virtually everything on their site. after comparing the ebay ones to the one i linked, i noticed that the one i linked pushes 3 times as much air as the ebay ones. heck, heres some vids that are on their site: http://www.electricsupercharger.com/eRAMvideo.mpg http://www.electricsupercharger.com/eRAM%2...g%20explode.mpg
  11. thats what i would really like after the basic bolt ons, but no company will even make custom cams for the sc4 since it has a frickin gear in the middle of each camshaft :(.
  12. so would anybody be willing to make me a quality one for a price? im only interested in the top, side, and bottom pieces; i can do the airbox modification myself.
  13. were any performance gains seen by leaning out the af ratio with the safc? im assuming you used the apexi safc, correct? what makes you say that electric supercharger is a joke? there are many dyno plots on the website varying from many different cars such as dodge dakotas, 911's, m3's, and mr2 turbos that show average gains of 6% (15hp in sc4 terms). did you even go to the website? it isnt one of those *BLEEP*ty ebay scam fan-thingies. the 92 sc4 is rated at 250; at least thats what every automotive fact-based website ive ever visited says.
  14. not 300Whp, just 300hp out of a 92 sc4. would exhaust, headers, and bfi do it? what about adding an eram (www.electricsupercharger.com) into the equation? lextreme.com has a desktop dyno example that shows a 40hp gain with just headers; any truth behind this?
  15. ...removed all of that insulation/padding on the underside of the hood? would the removal of all of that stuff reduce underhood temps slightly? is its only purpose for sound deadening?
  16. then wouldnt fender modification be also needed for the 10" if offsets are the same since the wheel is another inch wider?
  17. you talkin about the 285 on the 9" or the 10"?
  18. so a 285/40 on a 17x9 with a +45 offset will work without body modification, right?
  19. i know i wont need any fender modifications because im buying the wheels and tires from the tire rack, so i know that they will fit without any major complications. supra offset is +38 but the sc's offset is +50, so the offset will be a major factor if your 17x10's will fit. i honestly dont know if theyll fit, but the tire rack doesnt offer any wheels with a 10" width for the sc.
  20. Should be ok. good; had somebody telling me that 295/40's on 17x9's would absolutely destroy the tire, so i just wanted to be sure the 285 is still a go. thanks
  21. All of the sc's are still just toyota soarers. how bout we have a forum for every year and trim level of sc?:chairshot: EDITED FOR CONTENT BY SW03ES
  22. when slowing down from higher speeds.
  23. the tranny in my sc4 makes a slight *clunk/thump* when it drops down into 1st; what could this be? is the tranny going bad? does it just need a fluid change?
  24. how would a 17x9 with 285/40's and a +45 offset be in the back?
  25. 295 is the limit on a 9" width rim. that is the edge of the cliff and is pretty risky if you really want them.