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  1. My car is a 1993 es 250. exactly the same as the es 300 but with the smaller 2.5 V6 engine. Same engine different stroke I believe. Over the Christmas period my battery went dead flat. I got the local guy to come out and instal a new one. I didnt use it for a few days after that and one night went out for takeaways just down the road. I had gone a couple of hundred metres and doing about 30 klms and the whole car started vibrate. Taking my foot off the gas pedal and lowering my speed it seemed to go off but increasing the gas made it reappear. I made it to the takaway OK came out, started the
  2. Can I assume then that the gearbox is the same as the 3vz-fe and all the electrics
  3. While most of the discussions on the forum relate to 1vz or 3vz engine what about the 4vz-fe. Same body, same interior and with all the bells and whistles of the es300 mine is the 1993 es250 which is the 2.4 v6 version. This is the Toyota Windom version, a used import from Japan. Now travelled 163,000 ks. I seem to have non of the problems of overheating, head gaskets etc. In fact no problems at all other than the dreaded needles which I replaced some weeks ago. So is this engine less troublesome than the es 300 or am I just lucky. I watch the forum with interest. I might be on the othersi
  4. Sure, Replacement is always an option, But the replaced needles are soon to fail also. So members look for a FIX. .02 cents. That may be true but I was told that by turning down the brightness that it reduces the voltage to the needles, which was the cause of the failure, this in turn should prolong their life expectancy. As the needles are in good condition it should follow that I should get at least a couple or 3 years out of them. which to me is good value. Bearing in mind that I have already owned the car around 6 years I would be ready to update by then
  5. Oh! Dear am I the oldest on here at 67. I bought mine 6 years ago, a 1993. The best, most reliable car I have ever owned. It has now done 160 ks. Uses no oil, has no rattles from suspension bushes, auto in great condition. There is a negligable oil leak from the motor. Do I intend to part with it? Well not in the forseeable future.
  6. It never seems to get mentioned that the easiest repair is to replace. I bought a used dash complete I removed 3 needles that were faulty on mine and and replaced them from the one I purchased. It cost me $80NZ or approx $65US Everything works perfectly now. Care needs to be taken as the are fragile but I had no problems. I still have the rest of the dash with a spare Temperature or fuel guage needle or if I need anymore bits. Surely these are available in the US from the auto wreckers or ebay.
  7. I had similar problems to you all. One had completely gone and two of the others fickering badly. I managed to buy a used instrument cluster which I was assured was working correctly. I simply removed the needles I wanted and very carefully fitted them into mine. took about 30 minutes and are all working perfectly now. From the same source I got the hood struts. Total cost in New Zealand dollars. $120 about $90 US. I will hang on to the cluster for the dash bulbs and the fuel needle which wasn't faulty. or whatever may arise. I have had the car for over 5 years and fortunatly have not experi
  8. I have had the car for some time but have never really come to grips with the ECT buttons on the consule. I am aware about the Power button that it holds the car in gear longer but the other eludes me. In consequence I have used it mainly in the neutral position, that is without either in operation. At least no indicator alight on the dash. Thanks, I did do a search but no results found.
  9. Hi! Chris. I have a Toyota Windom which is the Japan home market version as the Lexus brand is not available there. Mine is a 1993 es but has the smaller 2.5 V6 engine. I have had it for over 4years and it has done 145,000 klms. I bought it at 82'000. It is a great car with very little repairs. Drivers door electric window driver replaced, New boot on the cv joint and some new tyres. A couple of the needles on the dash are out and are expensive to repair. I change the oil at 5000ks. Here in NZ there are quite a number of these cars and spares are easy to get. As for the Lexus Aus/NZ site i
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