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  1. So it is pretty much just one of the plugs that connects to the air conditioning part?
  2. I need to know what part to replace on my car. I have a 1994 ES300, I was driving home yesterday and the E light came on. I did not notice is, but I turned my AC on, and smoke started coming out of the engine the AC doesn't work, it only blows hot air. What part do I need to replace?
  3. I recently got an aftermarket head unit installed in my 94 ES300. It works find, everything sounds good, but for some reason my turn signals and hazards no longer work. I was thinking it was a fuse....I looked at the TRN 15 fuse in the drivers side panel, but it wasn't blown. Is there another fuse or any other problem that could be causing these not to work?
  4. Thank you. I don't believe that I would have to go through all that, as it happened once before and it worked once I filled the tank. Didn't work this time though. I plan on buying red led needles anyways...should I just wait?
  5. Yes, the engine bay temperature gauge...I am trying to look for a solution as a response, as would any individual asking for help.
  6. I would suggest taking it to Circuit City and asking them to install the CD player you wish to install. Unless you know how to bypass an amp, I don't think you are going to be able to do it...if the 97 has an amp, I am not sure. I know the 94-96 does, I am in the same situation as you.
  7. Yeah, I only have 6 right now though. I took them out of my 3kgt, and put the regular bulbs back into that. I have 2 white ones on the Engine Temp Gauge and Gas Gauge, I am waiting to get 2 more bulbs from my friend...looks good a night. I need to find out where I can get some new needles for a decent price though.
  8. Doug, I would suggest you give serious consideration to the Goodyear Triple Treads when the time comes to replace the Toyo's.......they are available in an H speed rating for our size (only one size down from V). Have a look at the tirerack's reviews as they are fantastic & it's what I will be switching too when the time comes. They are simply the B) ← Actually, I've already put in new tires on the ES. They're a set of Bridgestone Turanza LS-H. I've only logged in 1,500 miles on them for about a month, but boy, do they sound quiet
  9. I have a 1994 Es300 with 170,xxx on it. Engine is running strong. Only things I have ever replaced (besides tires, 60k, 90k, oil, etc...the obvious) are the transmission and front and rear struts. She still rides smoother than ever and looks amazing...I will have to take pictures later. Too bad she is still completely stock though :( Unless you want to count the red leds behind the gauges.
  10. I was wondering if there was a quicker way to reset the gas gauge in a 94 es300. I recently replaced the bulbs with red LEDs on the back of the gauge cluster and somehow the gas gauge stopped moving. Is there a way to get this measuring correctly again? I know the actually needle works, it just stopped moving ever since...this happened once with my Engine bay needle, I had to take it out and unscrew it and put it back together but I have no clue as to how much gas I have...any help would be appreciated.
  11. Yeah, that just happened in my moms car...needed new struts. It sort of sounded like, and I know this really couldn't happen, but the brakes were loose or something. If you have ever mounted a tire and hit the rotor, you know what I am talking's an annoying sound. Glad you are getting it fixed...
  12. I was wondering if your car was still for sale and where exactly are you located in Florida?
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