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  1. OK, this is an odd question. Please confirm my thought: When you go in reverse, should the external mirrors on the doors go up or down. I think it should go down, but the mirrors show me the sky (up) when I go in reverse. I think seeing the parking lines is better than seeing the clouds. Question: Should they go up or down when I back up?
  2. When I'm driving in traffic, I use the Hold button, so I may take my foot off the brake while in traffic. I nice relaxing feature. It works well in light traffic. But, if I'm stopped for perhaps 5 minutes in traffic, the parking brake seem to forget to release. This may be broken or a "Toyota safety feature". After stopped for 5 minutes, I must manually push release the parking brake. What are your thoughts? Should the automatic hold feature, which automatically releases in light traffic, also release automatically in heavy traffic? 2014 LS460 (CPO, with
  3. Car: 2003 Lexus LS430 We have been locking and unlocking the car with the key fob for ever. Well now the driver does does not want to lock. There are no sounds. I'm figuring it either broke, or a wire came loos. Questions: The electronics of the lock - is that a dealer only part? Have other club members had this problem? How much did it cost to repair? Is this a job a handy car owner (also frugal) could do? Thanks for your suggestions and comments
  4. 2003 LS430 with 49,000 miles Where do I find the list of recommended maintenance tasks? (If it's in the owner's manual - please excuse - I travel a lot and don't see the car often - Wife's car) I have been having the oil changed with regular oil every 4,000 but for 17,000 miles - that's all I've done. I'm figuring something should be done by now. Yes - I bought the car with 32,000 miles on it This weekend the seats will get some Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil ( But what should I do under the hood? Many thanks.
  5. Thanks for all the feed back. Are there other discussion forums you have found helpful. Some time sites that specialize in selling parts - also host a discussion forum. For Mercedes, I've had enjoyment from reading Mercedes Shop Just asking for other discussion forums. Many thanks for all the thoughts and suggestions.
  6. My system died, and I had it rebuilt - all is well. I even had a system backup. But I didn't have a copy of my bookmarks. Please suggest other web sites with helpful Lexus (LS430) information. Many thanks
  7. The Owners manual described how to remove the front filter - cool. But the parts guy asked me if I wanted a front or rear filter. Where is the rear air cabin filter (air conditioning) Many thanks :chairshot:
  8. Your timing is impeccable. I have the same question, but for a different reason. I have the master keys, but would like copies for other family members. The dealer quoted me $230 for the key and $70 for the programming. We have two keys for four drivers. Thinking $300 was a bit much for extra keys, I thanked them and left. Alternatives and a list of options would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Maybe the next post will have the answer, and not another question.
  9. Ahhh the FADER - I wondered what that was for - will play with it soon. Wife took car on a road trip, don't have it this weekend. I do not have the navigator - wish I did. BTW - my musical selections tend to hover around Rock and Hip-Hop. Thanks for the Fader suggestion
  10. <_< I have recently purchased a 2003 LS430. Nice riding car - many things I like about it, except the radio. Question One: How to question: The balance seems to control the sound from left to right. Is there a balance option from from front to rear? Question Two: The radio just doesn't seem tp have the "umph", to say, shack the car. Yes I like the sounds loud, with a strong base. Please suggest if my impression the radio is "weak" is on or off base. Additionally, please suggest if you have heard people, perhaps yourself, that have replaced the radio. What replacement options
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