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  1. Yea if you hear the motor going it could be just the regulator. Also see if you can manually push the window down while holding the switch down. Could just be stuck because of the weather and worn lubrication.
  2. If your car has high mileage, I would just replace the whole control arm instead of just the bushings. Reason being that the balljoints are worn and they cannot be replaced unless you get a whole new arm. I'm not sure how they quoted you $2000 installed for the arms since oem Lexus ones are about $420/each, oem Toyota Supra (93-96) ones are about $200/each, and 97-98 Supra arms are about $350/each since they are aluminum. Just get the parts yourself for alot cheaper and have them install it. 93-98 Supra arms ~ $400/pair supra arms + $250 labor + $80 alignment = $730, therefore $1270 for the ac compressor/labor? OEM Lexus ~ $840/pair lexus arms + $250 labor + $80 alignment = $1170, there for $830 for the ac compressor/labor? Seems pretty steep to me.
  3. Yea I remember seeing that video. Must have been a custom job, dealer installed option, or luxlink.
  4. The first pic is custom by taking out the diffuser inside of the 95-96 tails. The second pic looks like clear tails with the top painted/tinted red.
  5. If the fuel cleaner helped a bit look into replaced your fuel filter.
  6. SC300/93-98 Supra NA/93-97 GS300 all pretty much have the same 2jzge engine. Besides the 2jzgte engines you can also look into the cheaper 1jzgte engines that are from the Toyota Soarers (SC300) in japan. 1jzgte is a 2.5liter turbo w/ ~280 horsepower and can get you to your goal w/o burning a hole in your pocket.
  7. Good places suggested by the members. I believe the main cause of the illumination going out is heat followed by having the dimmer knob at full brightness all the time.
  8. You have to remove the rear seat and the rear deck lid to get to them. Checkout the "Pinned" topics at the top of this forum for a step by step.
  9. Check the switch first of all. To do so you have to remove the shifter. With the car off pull the ebrake. Then use the shifter release lock and put it into a gear like Neutral. Carefully pull down the plastic piece at the base of the shifter. It should reveal 2 screws. Remove the 2 screws and you should be able to pull off your shifter. Now carefully pry off the O/D button with a small flathead or something similar. Once you have the button off, you have to remove the inner part which contains the spring that controls if the button stays on/off. Be gentle when removing the inner part because the button is kind of delicate. Also, do not lose the spring on the inside of the button as it will be hard to replace. Keep in mind of how everything was so that you can re-install it w/o issues.
  10. If you want to modify your intake do a search for the "BFI" intake. I am in the process of doing one and it is pretty cheap.
  11. Why were the TPS sensors replaced in the first place? Did the Toyota dealer order you the correct sensors? Well just start with something cheap like resetting the ECU if you have not done so already. Here is a good link on how to do so: http://web.ace.net.au/soarer/ecu_reset.html
  12. How bad is the exhaust? I bet you can find a used oem exhaust system for a pretty good price.
  13. On take off progressively step on the gas pedal and don't floor it obviously. Besides what others have mentioned also make sure you have a proper alignment and change the fuel filter if it hasn't been changed in a long time.
  14. Congrats and hope you have fun with it. You said your car is stock, but it looks lowered.
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