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  1. No repacking necessary my man, it's a sealed bearing. That rotor should come right or you might have to jack it a little with some jack screws. Good luck!
  2. Hey Lexbubba, those rotors are just sitting on the hub. They should come right off, however because they have been sitting there for a while, they tend to feel like they are being held on with something. The rotors should have a couple of threaded holes that you can put jacking screws in and slowly jack the rotors off. This how I got mine off on my 2000/GS300. Good luck, tell me if it works.
  3. I installed new brembo replacement rotors with ebc greenstuff pads on my GS300 today. Later on in the week I'm going to flush the fluid and add some new ATE super blue fluid and replace lines with Goodrige stainless lines.
  4. Ensure that you are in overdrive, which is having your selector at the D position. 2800 rpm sounds about right for 70 mph.
  5. If you are basing the decision exclusively on the premise of electrical problems, then I wouldn't do it. Overall from my experience , japanese cars don't have a whole lot of electrical problems. That also seems kind of expensive, especially since you still have powertrain time left on the warranty, if I'm not mistaken.
  6. I'm on the web on the Apexi llc website. They have these brake bleeders by a company called motive force. They seem real neat. They worked by !Removed! on to the master cylinder and pressurizing it and pumping the old fluid and air out. Has anyone tried these with any success?
  7. It was actually a local chain in the Chicago metro area (lake county) called Waukegan Tire. I think they have a pretty good reputation. He showed me the specs on the electronic balancing machine. I forgot what it was off by, but it was off. I would think the wheel is very repairable. You had to search to find the bend.
  8. Hey SK, this is actually a stock rim on a platinum edition GS. The tire has no physical damage, which makes me doubt it was a pot hole. It seems this rim could have been bent during removal/installation by the technician.
  9. A little while back, I purchased 4 new tires for my GS3 from a local chain. They installed and balanced them. After driving the car, I noticed there was a humming noise. I took the car back in a few days ago to have them check it out. The manager said two were out of balance and a third was actually bent. He showed it to me on the balancing machine, where it read "reccomend replace rim". I asked him if this was like this when I purchased the tires and he said no. I guess my question is, could they have done this during the installation process and not told me about it? The rim looks perfect and has not been curbed or anything. The bend seems to be on the inside of the rim, which leads me to believe they might be responsible for this. I asked him how this could have happened and he said i probably ran into a pothole. This seems peculiar, because only the inside is bent. Help me out here fellas.
  10. Any idea on how much these cost? and is this a dealer only item. The ones on my GS3 are chipped in some spots, I would just like to replace them.
  11. Hey bbsal, I think I had it in the 4 position vice the D position(4-D). This is more or less my first experience with an automatic. I feel like a fool, oh well. You guys are great on this board. We seem to learn so much from each other. (This keeps money in our pockets, cool!!!)
  12. Yes Ls, I'm definately stoked on doing the maintenance myself. I take my time and get it right and while I'm underneath the vehicle I usually conduct an inspection while I'm down there. I hope you can find a shop in the civilian community that will give you the oppurtunity to use their lifts. Ofcourse factoring liability concerns, I don't know if that will be feasible. The shop I use on the base, we have 3 lifts for lubricants(built-in drain pans underneath), 8 overhaul stalls, and 10 other stalls with combination lifts and stalls that you have to use jackstands with. There is also a welding shop. This is actually a smallish shop. When I was stationed in San Diego, the shop there had about 50 stalls, being that the weather there was so good, there were several outside. If I'm not mistaken, they even had a spray booth.
  13. Just wanted to share my maintenance experiences with my fellow Lexus owners. Today I changed out the engine oil in my GS300. I filled with Amsoil 0w-30. Changed out the transmission oil and filled with Amsoil universal ATF. Changed out the differential fluid and refilled with Amsoil 75-90 synthetic gear oil. The shop had this great suction pump which I used to put the new differential fluid in. It made this operation so easy. As I have stated befoe I'm in the military and we have a large shop available to us with lifts and great tools. This cost me a total of $5 to use the lift for about 3.5 hours. What a deal! Next week I'm going to get my rotors cut at $7 per rotor, right there in the shop. Has anyone tried EBC greenstuff pads on the OEM rotors?
  14. I know I've posted this before, but this is starting to bother me a bit. Today while driving at 60 mph, I noticed my indicated rpm was 3100. Is this correct for this speed or I'm not shifting into 5th. gear? Help me out here.
  15. I have a 2000 GS300/platinum edition. About what rpm range should i be indicating at 80 mph? I'm usually running right around hig mid 3s. If i'm not mistaken this tranny is a 5speed automatic.
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