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  1. Hi guys, I bought 04 LS Ultra in July to replace my aging 99 LS, unfortunately soon after I discovered I’ve actually always needed two cars. So now I need to get another car to replace the 99. I really like my 04 but buying another seems a bit silly. Both cars cost about the same. A friend of mine is a dealer who has been supplying me with my cars says I should just buy another LS, since according to him; GX is overpriced compared to LS. Apparently there is high demand for GX and LX in Eastern Europe and US dealers have been shipping them there for the last five years. Nonetheless, he had 0
  2. Johnhoward, Many thanks for the suggestions. Spraying a hose on radiator this morning didn't improve the situation. Same overheating issue with A/C on. At least there was little need for A/C during commute, so the temp gauge stayed within normal range. Tought part will be finding a decent mechanic. LS spoiled me over the years as i never had to keep good relations with any mechanics. I'll keep you posted on the findings and fixes. Again thanks for your help.
  3. I drive a 99 LS400 with 160k miles on it. Minimal problems to date, but lately the car has been overheating with A/C on. There is plenty of coolant in the reservoir and it only overheats whenever the A/C is on. Yesterday i wasn't paying attention to the gauge and it actually reached the red line. I turned the A/C off and the gauge began to drop rapidly, until it reached the normal middle level. Any suggestions?
  4. In case someone comes across this thread and needs an answer. I've managed to fix the problem by cleaning the throttle body and the fuel system. It took approximately 40 minutes for a kit to perform the necessary fuel-injector clearing. This was definitely a long over due maintenance for my car with 140k miles.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions Blake, I'll do the checks then i get home tonight. I think my car has a mind of its own. After driving about 10 miles this morning both engine check and VSC lights flickered and disapeared. Very strange. Even before the lights went away i didn't feel any change in throttle response or drop/increase in RPM.
  6. Both engine check light and VSC off lights similtaniously went off. I looked up the code and there was a suggestion to replace the fuel filter; can someone please confirm if that really works. And why did the VSC light went off too? Please help.
  7. The steering wheel doesn't move forward when the key is inserted in the ignition. Also the up and down function isn't working either. However, the column retracts when the key is removed from the key ignition. Any ideas what may by the problem the column? Any feedback is appreciated.
  8. :whistles: Alright, so you guys were right, low on coolant. Topped it off with Toyota Red and everything is back to normal. I asked the service guy at the dealership if it was necessary to add distilled water since it was so little that i needed to add and he said it wasn't necessary.
  9. I think i may have my first problem at 135,000 miles. The heater is blowing cold air even when the car is completely warmed up. Before this problem, i would set the climate control at 72 degrees at start up and the hot air would start coming out the vents in small increments at first and then the fan would gradually increase as the car warmed up. The strangest thing is that on occasion i can get it to blow hot air by waiting until the car is completely warmed up and setting the temperature at Max Hot. Just want to get some opinions before taking it to the shop. Hoping its something i can f
  10. I probably have the highest mileage for a 1999 LS400 with 120,400.
  11. Took a few pictures to give you an idea of how it will look if you decide to get yourself an Ipod with FM modulator. Very simple set up.
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  13. Monster's FM modulator looks great at night with its little lights on. I bought it at RadioShack for $70, but you can find it for around $40 on the internet. Monster's FM modulator is considered the best but it cost about twice as much as any other modulator. Also, I have the smallest Ipod, the Mini, with a capacity of 4 gigs, that's enough for 1,000 songs, (more than enough for me). There are other Ipods with capacities of up to 40 gigs, I don't know who needs these but they are out there. The Mini costs $250 and its the most popular. Ipods are the most popular mp3 players because they are
  14. I'm using Monster's FM modulator for my Ipod Mini. Solid reception and good sound quality (no interference from local radio waves whatsoever). From personal experience, I found the sound quality is better with the FM Modulator than with the tape adapter.
  15. ECUPirate, You sound as if you have discovered Aladdin's cave with your first trip to Manheim. 10% commission is outrageous. I have been purchasing cars from Manheim for the past 5 years for myself and my friends and the most I have every paid a dealer for this service was $200. Before you start your career as a used car dealer, I strongly suggest you do a search on and view your competition. Congratulations with your purchase, A8L is a great car.
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