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  1. So there's nothing i can do? I dont want to put in another amp just to run a aftermarket sub. I'd like it if i could replace the Nak sub with a aftermarket one in the factory location (even if its the same size) using the factory amp. Is there any sub out there? Also, my head unit is acting up, i was wondering if the Eclipse 7301 by Fujitsu Ten that was being discussed in a thread a while ago will work with the Nak system? and Nak Cd changer in glove box? From what i read, it doesnt seem to likely :( Any Help? -Taran
  2. I think i just blew the Nak sub in my 98GS400, will the 12" JL Audio IB4 setup work in my car, with the stock amp? The Pic that posted doesnt seem to work for me :( Also, will a new Mark Levinson work with the Nak. system in my 98GS4?? -Taran
  3. My friend has a max, and i own a '98GS, i'm not going to sit here and ranble on about how the 2 cars are different.. he's selling his maxima for a GS, after being in my car for a while, he really sees a difference between the Nissan and the Lexus, everything is so tight, for example i havnt opened my ash tray in years being a non smoker, and he hasnt opened his since he bought it.. mine is completly dust free, everything is still just as shiny as the day it left the dealership, his ashtray on the other hand is full of dust, from somewhere.. sometime.... not the best example to use, but it just shows the difference of quality of the two automobiles. -Taran
  4. .... I usually get a car wash too.. :whistles: hahaha, never hurts
  5. It almost ALWAYS says in the owners manual of any car.. you should give that a read.. most people think owners manual's are completley useless, and full of stuff they already know.. but.. after you flip thru it, you'll learn its more then how to operate the head lights and windshield wipers :P . Give that a shot, and post your findings -Taran
  6. Is the 2002 IS300 5 speed any better on gas then the "E-shift"? Most of the car websites state that the 5 speed and the automatic are the exact same, but i now learned that when it comes to fuel economy, what's on paper doesnt always mean what really happens in the real world. What kinda gas milage are the 5 speed owners getting? -Taran
  7. I'm actually selling a 2000 Audi A4 2.8Quattro because it has very very poor gas milage! Its rated at 18 mpg (V6), and gets exactly 18mpg. My GS400(V8) is also rated at 18mpg, but get more in the area of 22+mpg :). Another thing to consider is long term cost of ownership (german parts and shop time is big bucks!) The the one thing i like about the Audi is all the little things (such as red LEDs in the headliner which light up all the area of the controls, so when you go to turn something on/of you can see where your hand is) it also has a pretty nice trip computer. The only downside is the 18mpg gas comsumption. Good Luck on your choice.. hope your happy with what you buy:) -Taran
  8. A second pic, taken off the roof of my GS400 :D
  9. Math is as follows: I'm trying to sell the Audi A4 2.8Q for about $33k CDN (sport package CD changer, bose sound, tints, 3M etc, and the IS I'm looking into is $29,000 CDN. I'm not going to be at a financial loss when I sell one and buy the other. The only downside of the IS is that it doesnt have the same features as the A4, such as Automatic Climate Control (its still a Toyota in my books,every Lexus should have this) Headlight Washers (need those in the winter when the snow starts to melt.. do US or UK IS3's have headlight washers? (just a question)), and a ARMREST (who makes a car without a armrest these days??? where can I get one?) How far will the IS travel on a full tank of gas? I've read anywhre from 400 - 490 depending on driving style, traffic.. etc About the economy ratings, they way they are determined is that they drive the car through a constant cycle, such as being stopped for 30 seconds, speeding up to 30km/h, staying at 30km/h, then stopping again. Highway ratings are almost the same, slow to 60km/h, speed up to 100km/h etc etc. In real life this doesnt happen, depending on where you live and traffic. Some cars will consume the almost the same amount of gas no matter at what speed it is going, and others like my GS400 will consume very different amounts of gas at different speeds. Thanks again for the help.. Here's a pic of the car:
  10. Own a 1998 GS400, and a Audi A4 (Quattro 2.8) .. the Audi's going and i'm buying a IS300 in its place, the main reason the Audi's on its way out is because of its poor fuel economy. Its rated at 18MPG, and it averages about 17-19MPG when driven in real life. The GS400 I currently own is also rated at 18MPG.. BUT I usually end up getting about 22-24MPG from it. I drive both cars the same way (mash on the gas just as often and driven on a highway the same distance) and they are driven to the same places. So why the difference? I want to know what IS 300 owners are getting fuel milage wise.. The GS will go about 450-470 on a tank of gas.. the Audi will only do about 350-375 on the SAME tank of gas (same amount of gas, cant think of liter figures off the top of my head) How far will a IS300 go on a tank of gas and how much gas does it take to fill it up? Thanks for all the help in advance, and i hope i can come to love my new IS as much as my current GS. -Please note i did a search and found nothing about this topic :D
  11. I get about 22-24mpg in the city, depends on how i'm driving and my mood :D . If I play around with some other luxury sedans, then its a little worse, but I have never had issues with gas milage in my GS4
  12. When my 1998 GS400 is at idle it makes a crazy clicking noise, my brother's 1990 supra makes the same noise, and his mechanic told him that it was the injectors. I'm thinking its the same problem comming from my car, when you listen closely, you can hear it comming from the fuel rail :( . I'm just wanted to know if anyone has ever replaced thier injectors, or if its even the injectors, and how much they will cost (stock vs. aftermarket) also if anyone has changed stock ones to a larger injector, and the resluts of this. Thanks Taran
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