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  1. It is like buying a Rolex! you can by a decent watch for $100 but some people are willing to pay $5000 or more for a Rolex! So why not pay $9000 and drive a lexus? When you stop at a light how many Camrys do you see? and how many Lexuses? This is the differnce!
  2. Guys, From where did you buy those kits? Price? Thanks
  3. Do you have a DVD logo by the side where you insert the CD's in the system? if yes it should play, if no logo, you don't have a DVD player. have a look at the picture of my car.... Thank you for the photo. It looks like my CD player doesn't have that logo! I will try to see if there is a way to change the CD player or have an external player that can be connected to the system. Thank you again,
  4. After I bought my car, I discovered that my CD changer is not capable of reading DVDs. I have a navigation system and I thought my car is capable of viewing DVDs since it is already equipped with a dashboard screen. Does anyone know if there is a way to view movies in the screen, anything like auxiliary device, Bluetooth device, or something? Any thoughts? Thanks 2007 ES350
  5. I have the same problem! Does anybody have a solution? Thanks
  6. I contacted my the dealership today and they told me that they can adjust the paddle so I don't need to smash it all the way down until the break reacts and lights illuminate. I will take it next Monday and I will let you know if the problem is solved. Thanks
  7. Hi everybody, I would like to change the units in the dashboard display monitor from Imperial units to Metric units. I was able to change them in the navigation screen but not on the dashboard display monitor. I want everything to be displayed in kilometers and degrees Celsius as I am going to ship my car to my wife in Canada and she is not used to the mile, Fahrenheit,….etc system. Does anyone have any idea if that is possible? and how, if yes? Thank you in advance! ES350 2007
  8. I have experienced the same problem! I think the problem can be easily fixed by adjusting the break paddle. I tested the breaks and I found that the lights will not illuminate until the paddle is pressed for at least an inch!! I think this is too much. I have a Mercedes and when I just push the paddle I see the break lights working immediately in less that 1/10th of an inch. I will take my car to my Lexus dealer to get the paddle adjusted and the breaks checked. I think this should be covered by the warranty. Let me know if you have solved the problem and I will tell you what will happen with me when I have a chance to take the car to the dealer.