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  1. Hey guys anyone know what is the widest tire I could place on the stock 17inch gx rims... thanks in advance
  2. Hey guys anyone know what is the widest tire I could place on the stock 17inch gx rims... thanks in advance
  3. Yeah guys I dont know that the programing is done at the key I think your right it is done in the car but there was an option to roll up...obviously they way everything works right now is if you want to roll it all down you hold down the unlock button and after a slight delay all windows will roll down and sunroof as default you can have lexus change it to sunroof only. now if you hold the lock button down nothing will roll up ....you have to insert the key and turn to lock and hold to roll up.. this sucks ...what we all want to do is to be able to roll up from a distance if you look outside and it going to rain and your windows are down or you walked away and forgot the sunroof. Obviously the car can roll up and down automatically because you can do both with the key inserted...only one feature down works with the remote...there was a way to enable the up feature to work away from the car by remote ...granted this was on a 99 rx but I cant find the info anymore.......
  4. Hey guys does anyone have these part numbers The chrome roof rails? The chrome strip on rear window? The Chrome handles Thanks joe
  5. check on the internet at Mininova Bit torrents, i found a copy for my lexus and the best part was the price.....FREE. Do you have a link or a search title I looked under lexus and toyota and couldnt find anything
  6. about 4 years ago I found a web site/ fourm for my rx that showed codes that could be set to enable your key remote to roll up the windows just like you can roll them down...without having to insert the key...I know have a gx but can not find the information or codes anymore...I think it was just like the lps setting but lexus doesnt publish it...Does anyone know these or have any information....thanks in advance
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