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  1. Hey Jake... I Have AT/Revo on my other jeep... they r nice tires on snow as well as if you take them offroad.... they have a decent wet driving comfort too.. but the only negative is that they r very noisy on highway driving... since GX is already a noisy suv on high speeds... tires make it ridiculous... but it depends on the use. And personally i think switchin from duelers to cross terrains is only advisable if lexus is compensating for the switch. if not, then i would recommend that you consider TOYO"S. They r fabolous tires.
  2. hey actually there's a nav screen adapter that you have to put with the camera... the camera was installed in rear bumper... rear view takes over whenever the shift lever is in R position and goes back to the normal screen when the shifter is moved ... yes it can be done with a 03 as well... tell me your location... may be i can ask my installer... if he know's of someone who can do this there....
  3. but we are talking about cars which don't come with factory navigation. i don't think aftermarket dvd player can be worked out through the steering.
  4. hey thats the problem... i can't find any pic with the lexus bug deflector for GX 470. Even on the Lexus Site they show a RX 330 as an example when you click on the bug deflector... i hope you know what i mean.
  5. can't believe noone has a bug deflector installed on thier cars.... ???
  6. Hey Guys Just got this tip installed. The total cost is just $80 installed. I love the tip since its different and looks really nice with my Black GX.
  7. Hey Guys just wanted to know if anyone has a bug deflector installed on thier GX. i wanted to get one on my black gx but am wondering if its gonna spoil the front looks of the car.... pls share some pics if possible.
  8. Hey TIMEGX I have to admit that this pics look much better. The lights look white here.... Since there's noone around here who has a superhid kit installed on thier GX... its very diffcult to make a decision based on Pictures.... I know that everytime you increase the color temperature over 4300k, you start loosing out on lumens. 4300k color temperature has the most lumens and thats the reason every OEM HID comes with 4300k. Anyway do you have any pics of the installation... specially the mating adapter .... thanks
  9. TimeGX thanx for the input. well i just got an email from megan and she's gonna send me the mating adapter only... and i will try it out and see how easily it will fit. Other then that... from your pics i noticed... even though this kit is 250 cheaper... the xenon depot kit looks better... i mean the output seems better color... the pics posted by cyberflip show a very bright bluish white output. if you notice his pic... you will notice that reflectors of the lower beam light up pretty good.... but in your pics... reflector gives a greenish shade... and if the pic is taken closer .. then i
  10. Hey TimeGX My question is regarding the mating adapter of the Superhid Kit. does the mating adapter goes rite in the factory harnesss like XenonDepot or if there's any modification needed. You can click this link and see step 7 where they show the XD mating adapter which fits rite in the factory OEM harness with no problem. Pls give us ur input so that we can decide on which kit to order. thanks Pls post some of your pics of the mating adapter... thanks.
  11. Hey Guys I notice the high rev also. specially when i start the car for the first time in the morning... not after that. about the start... thats a automatic starter ... and it cranks on its own once the key i used... so that is absolutely normal... the engine rev.. is due to the car temp. which is C when u first start and reving goes after the temp increases a little.
  12. They are nice ... but i find them a little too green.... what do ya'll think?
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