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  1. I have rx350 Fsport 2017. Folded rear seat little bit higher then trunk level. Is it by design? How to fix it?
  2. I have Lexus es350 2007 and decided to upgrade navigation map. There are lot of websites with map, so I created DVD with new map. How to replace dvd with old map into new one? Thanks
  3. Hands Free Question

    Thanks for your reply and I apologize for my late response. The site you sent me also solves another mysterious problem that just occurred. I.e., while driving between Kerrville and Fredericksburg we began getting incoming unsupported calls which couldn't be answered through the hands free system. In fact the steering wheel hangup button wouldn't shut it off, only the screen hangup icon. Then the cycle would start again, repeatedly. We noticed we were in a roaming area, which was mentioned as a problem for the A900 in the site you recommended. As we are in the process of selecting a new cell phone and new service provider it would be very helpful to have access to the pertinent cell phone review sites, such as the one you recommended, in order to determine compatibility with Lexus BlueTooth. Does anyone know how to obtain such information? sorry for late response. As I figured out problem not in a Lexus bluetooth, problem in cell phone bluetooth. A900 does not send caller id with bluetooth. There are some updates lie zb12 firmware , byt nobody can confirm if it resolves this problem I have a900 and es350 and have the same problem - can not see caller id on navigation screen
  4. Hands Free Question

    I put info as well. I have A900 Sprint phone and navigation does not show called id when somebody calling... I can make a call by name...
  5. Hands Free Question

    I have A900 phone with Sprint , Lexus ES350. I uploaded my phone contacts into lexus phone book. When somebody calling I do not see CallerID on navigation screen. I can call, accept calls,but caller id does not appear. Any idea's? Thanks
  6. Es350 Best Price

    MSRP on lexus was $41870. I got it on $37560